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Stronger Nonprofit Sector, Stronger Communities

A resource center is so much more than just an information hub—it’s a bridge between our neighbors in need and the supports and services that can help them break the cycle of poverty. With hundreds of nonprofits serving thousands of residents in need in our communities, it’s a vital connection that nonprofits need to be able to amplify their Impact, and the new Nonprofit Resource Center at Atlantic Cape Community College’s southern campus is one example.

The new resource center, sponsored by the Mullock family and our United Way, will connect the more than 300 active local nonprofits to the Funding Information Network (FIN), a free online resource that helps agencies build their capacity and access fundraising information and grant research. Resources like the FIN will enable nonprofits to identify new grants and revenue opportunities and focus on development and outreach throughout the county to support those in need.

We all do better when we work together. A unique role United Way plays in strengthening our communities is offering capacity-building resources so local organizations can amplify their Impact. Nonprofits can partner with United Way to help change more lives, including joining our advocacy work, posting volunteer opportunities on our volunteer portal, listing your organization with United Way’s 24/7 helpline 2-1-1, and subscribing to our Common Good Newsletter, which includes news, events and announcements.

Learn more about how your agency can join us to fight for stronger communities.

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