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GPCVC Playbook: Local Impact, Global Change

What does it take to achieve a better tomorrow, in our community and globally?

In our interconnected world, achieving global goals, like ending poverty, requires all of us working together for a stronger global community. Volunteers play a critical role, and the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council (GPCVC), driven by our United Way, is one example of successful regional collaboration at the forefront of this movement.

That work was highlighted in Poised for Action: GPCVC’s Playbook on Actions to Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The report, produced through a grant of services from IBM to United Way, details the GPCVC’s work to achieve global goals locally as the United Nations IMPACT 2030 Action Team in the Greater Philadelphia region. It provides best practices on convening to bring about measurable change and outlines four components for success:

Establish a convening entity to provide a venue for shared experiences
Name a lead convener to ensure regular programming and facilitation of meaningful discussions
Recruit passionate corporate leaders who create a culture of service to promote an outcome-based mindset
Solicit support from local government and institutions to further align shared values

But these best practices don’t have to stop with IMPACT 2030. When we all come together to convene, lead, recruit and take action, we help build stronger communities. Whether you join others who are passionate about our cause or raise your voice to advocate for issues that matter, you can join the movement to help make a difference, globally, and in our own backyard.

Click here to read the full playbook.

To learn how your company can join the movement and get involved in the GPCVC, click here.

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