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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Offering FREE tax preparation and financial counseling services, with the highest accuracy rate of any tax preparation service.

Filing your annual federal and state income tax returns each year is about more than just paying your taxes. 

Often, accessing programs and resources designed to help working parents, students, people with disabilities, and those with a variety of other needs, depends directly on your ability to file timely tax returns. Other programs, like federal student loans, require copies of your completed tax forms to qualify. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with tax professionals to offer the VITA program, where last year more than 440 IRS-certified VITA volunteers helped more than 34,482 low-and moderate-income taxpayers accurately prepare and file their taxes.

GET STARTED NOW. Sign up through the Campaign For Working Families website.

As a parent, you need every penny to support your family. Building financial stability allows me to be a good example for my kids. VITA is convenient, quick, and the volunteers are so knowledgeable.
I know I’m getting my maximum refund.
- Donna, VITA Participant

Impact in Action

VITA helps ensure working individuals and families keep more of what they earn – helping pay for reliable transportation, groceries, childcare and other basic needs.




returns filed to ensure working individuals and families keep more of what they earn


VITA volunteers helped low- and moderate-income-income taxpayers prepare their tax filings


individuals received VITA tax services last year in our region 


lifetime number of returns filed to ensure working individuals and families keep more of what they earn


You Can Make a Difference

  • Since the start of United Way’s VITA program, over 465,000 returns have been filed, ensuring working individuals and families received the full refund they were entitled to, helping pay bills, cover childcare expenses, and save for the future. 
  • Thanks to VITA volunteers, more than $526 million has been returned to the taxpayers in the region since the  program’s start, helping build more sustainable futures for not just for these families themselves, but also for the communities where they live. 


Campaign for Working Families now offers Virtual VITA Tax Training for volunteers to become certified through online training courses.


Ready to start working on your taxes?

Be prepared and have these documents ready when you sign up for VIRTUAL TAX PREP with Campaign for Working Families:

  1. State-issued photo ID
  2. Social Security card or ITIN for each person on your tax return
  3. W-2s from all jobs held in tax year 
  4. All 1099s, 1098s and any other tax forms
  5. Voided check for direct deposit
  6. Child care provider information, including SSN (or EIN)
  7. Your household’s health coverage information (1095-A, 1095-B, 1095-C)

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