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ways to support
Helping our community
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Ways to Support

Join the region’s largest poverty fight. 

Make no mistake, your gifts, time, advocacy, and support fuel life-saving, transformative missions across Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.

Since 2018, we’ve raised over $65 million to help children and families overcome poverty.

That’s more children reading at grade level, more people growing their financial assets, and more families buying their first homes – all because of your support.    

Now, more than ever, your support can drive real change in our region.

Giving is easy. You can donate right now online or mail a check to United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey at P.O. Box 787897, Philadelphia, PA 19178. 


Give Today


Because of you, we can:

  • Invest in the most effective poverty-fighting nonprofits in our region  
  • Support a whole-family approach to breaking the cycle of poverty 
  • Identify gaps and gather diverse voices across sectors to fund and fuel solutions
  • Advocate for bold solutions and policy at the local, state and national level 

Your GIFT matters

When you give to United Way, you join a collective network of over 40,000 donors committed to changing lives and strengthening communities – one child, one adult, one family at a time. Here are just some of the ways your gift makes a difference for children and families experiencing poverty throughout our region.


Can help a family complete their tax return to receive up to $6,000 back in tax credits.


Can help students access early literacy programs.


Can help a small business owner purchase equipment or supplies to help their business grow.


Can help pay registration for parenting classes.


Can cover the cost of eight people making a call to 2-1-1 for support and referrals to services like healthcare, disaster relief, housing, and mental health counseling. 


Can provide a family with emergency rent assistance. 


Can help a student match their college savings to pursue a higher education degree.


Can help connect two returning citizens with job training and support. 


Can train a team of service providers in trauma-informed care, so they can recognize and address symptoms of trauma. 

We need accomplices. Those willing to give something up for the sake of others and jump in the fight. To the extent we can build our work fueled by accomplices is the extent
to which we can move forward.
- Darnell Moore, Author & Activist