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to be a force for good


Supporting charitable causes and investing back in your community is a win-win.

More than 90% of consumers, according to multiple studies, say they are more likely to trust and be more loyal to companies that they perceive as supporting their communities. Employees are more willing to stay with employers they feel share their values. 

And strong, healthy, growing communities make for better places to grow businesses.

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Workplace Campaigns

Offering your employees an easy, efficient and powerful way to give back demonstrates your support of what they value and are passionate about, all while helping to strengthen our local communities. 

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More about Workplace Campaigns.

Network for Good

Professional development is a key component of employee success and satisfaction, and engaged philanthropy is a highly effective way to diversify professional experience and build the soft skills necessary to succeed in corporate leadership. Both Women United and Social Venture Partners offer exciting ways for women and activist philanthropists to connect more deeply with United Way’s poverty-fighting initiatives. Our corporate partnership teams are also able to connect with your company’s employee resource groups (ERGs) to help develop meaningful partnerships that meet goals around volunteerism, professional development, and philanthropy.

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