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Knowledge Center
insightful analysis and data

Knowledge Center

United Way’s Knowledge Center uses evidence to guide solutions to alleviate poverty and improve life outcomes for people experiencing poverty. The goal is to increase our region’s understanding of the drivers of poverty and what impact investments yield.

Through the Knowledge Center, we are building a measurement and accountability framework to better understand what works and why when it comes to alleviating poverty in Philadelphia and beyond.

Introducing the Community Data Hub

The Community Data Hub is an interactive mapping tool powered by PolicyMap to allow community partners and other people to access community-level data to help plan or refine programming, decision-making, and more.

The Community Data Hub gives insight into target outreach by using the recently updated SNAP eligibility guidelines as a prototype. Moving forward, the Community Data Hub will be updated as PolicyMap receives Census (and other data) at the sub-county level such as neighborhoods and zip codes.


Latest Reports

The Knowledge Center is proud to present reporting on the efforts of The Promise. Powered by United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, The Promise is the first-of-its-kind, public/private initiative focused on removing barriers to upward mobility. For more information on The Promise, visit here


Urban Institute: Field Scan and Contextual Analysis  

February 2023: Alleviating Poverty through Public Benefits and Tax Credit Access


Drexel University: Review of Research Literature & On-going Evaluation 

JANUARY 2023: The pROMISE Record Clearing Review



The Promise: Family Stability Year One Report

OCTOBER 2022: The Promise Family-Stability-Challenge

Learning + Research

The Knowledge Center provides insightful analysis and data about challenges in United Way communities and uses evidence to guide solutions that alleviate poverty and improve life outcomes for vulnerable populations.​


Analyze data and guide evaluations to understand the efficacy of strategic initiatives and inform investments in new solutions


Strengthen grantee access and use of evidence to inform ongoing improvement


Provide evidence and tools to facilitate learning across all stakeholders and drive continuous improvement


Communicate transparently to a range of community stakeholders and serve as a resource to inform priorities

TIMELY engagement 

Provide up-to-date data and insights so grantees can make decisions and adjustments in real-time 

community data portal  

Organize data to inform program and policy decisions and monitor progress of ongoing efforts to reduce poverty