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FY23 Impact Report
United for Good

Our mission is to end poverty and expand opportunity for all.

When our work is through, every low-income family in our region will have what they need to support themselves and improve their lives.

dear friendS,

We are grateful for your support.

As we reflect on the last year, we are inspired by the many individuals, businesses, and community organizations that stepped up to help our neighbors tackle tough problems.

As the saying goes, it takes a village. And here at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, we are grateful for this village and your ongoing support.

Within our 2023 Impact Report, you will discover:

  • Stories of resiliency, solutions that work, and the transformation made possible by our collective collaboration
  • Our continued investment in innovative initiatives aimed at empowering people and families to break the cycle of generational poverty
  • The intentional change made to our grant funding process to foster trust and knowledge-sharing and to embrace diverse perspectives

Last year, we experienced generosity in all sizes and invested over $20.5 million back into the community during the 2023 fiscal year, creating a more equitable local nonprofit ecosystem.

While we celebrate these accomplishments, much work remains to be done. The challenges facing our community are complex, requiring sustained commitment and collaboration from all sectors of the region–corporate, civic, nonprofit partners, and you.

Together, we can create a future where every person in our region can achieve their full potential and lead a fulfilling life. Indeed, the smartest way to fight poverty is the United Way.

On behalf of United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, I extend my deepest thanks for your continued support and dedication to this work.

Thank you,

Bill Golderer
President and CEO
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

WheRE there’s a will, there’s a United Way.

At United Way, we build strategic partnerships, mobilize across sectors, and lead research to deliver solutions that break the cycle of poverty.

We know that when people and families are financially secure, they can lead fulfilling lives with an abundance of opportunity.

With you, we are helping neighbors in our region do exactly that.

Thank you for standing #PhillySJUnited.


Counties Served


Dollars Invested


Generous Donors


Corporate Partners


Community Partners

FY 2023
Collective Poverty-Fighting Impact Across Nine Counties

Poverty-Fighting Focus Areas


Providing educational enrichment to promote lifelong learning and success.

137,939 children and families benefited from positive touchpoints including school readiness and early grade literacy programming and other developmental milestones.


Providing educational and career readiness training to create opportunities for financial stability.

88,430 young adults benefitted from support leading to graduating or earning a GED, landing a job, or connected to trainings.


Providing people with means to save money, get out of debt, and increase income and assets.

134,443 people and families benefitted from asset-building programming or were put on track to earn a living wage with opportunities for advancement.


Providing communities and neighborhoods with solutions to their specific needs.

3,403,404 touchpoints of people and families getting connected to basic needs like food, utility assistance, and benefits.

Community Investments

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey raises funds for a 12-month span which is then invested into the community during the next 12-month span.

In the 2023 fiscal year, we invested over $20,500,000 to the community.  

Your gift provides solutions that work for change that lasts across our 9-county footprint.  

Learn more about our impact


Career Pathways


Capacity Building


Financial Empowerment


The Promise


Early Learning


Community Resiliency

FY23 Community Investment Impact 

Impact Highlights

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey— your United Way—expands opportunity by investing in initiatives to fuel solutions. 


In today’s digital age, access to technology and the skills to navigate it are fundamental for success in school, work, and beyond. That’s why we joined forces to bridge the digital divide with the City of Philadelphia, Comcast, and a dozen regional community organizations. Through the Digital Navigator Network, people are paired with free or discounted internet service, devices, and training.  


Number of organizations throughout NJ and the Commonwealth to serve as Navigators.


Social Venture Partners Philadelphia (SVP) continued to leverage its Partner network to meet the needs of Philadelphia’s nonprofit sector. This included Partners contributing their time, skills, and resources through skills-based volunteerism – providing hands-on strategic support to nonprofit leaders. To ensure Partners were well prepared for service, SVP continued to host learning opportunities to deepen Partner’s understanding of poverty and how it impacts our community. Through SVP, United Way enables donors to go beyond the check and build a network of informed and engaged philanthropists.


Number of hours SVP Partners collectively contributed to support poverty-fighting efforts.


We partnered with the City of Philadelphia to launch the Philadelphia Violence Prevention Hotline. Callers of United Way’s 211 Helpline can now connect to violence prevention and intervention resources, grief support, and more. The work is a direct response to one of region’s biggest concerns—public safety. Help is now available 24/7/365.


The number to remember when facing traumas due to violence.


We connected thousands of people to everything from emergency assistance and everyday essentials through 211—the region’s go-to navigator of community resources. Navigating complex systems is a daunting task, especially when under stress. 211 is a one-stop-shop for people and providers trying to connect to support—by phone, text message, or webchat away, and in 130+ languages.


The number of callers to 211PA and NJ211 seeking assistance.


Co-founded by Kelly Woodland, managing director of leadership equity, the Black Nonprofit Chief Executives of Philadelphia (BNCEP) affinity group continued its work to support Black-led and serving nonprofit leaders and to create equitable funding streams. Black nonprofit leaders, executives, and CEOs navigate different waters than their white counterparts—spaces they were historically, and intentionally, excluded from.


BNCEP membership grew 5x this year, with more than 125 members.


Since its inception in 2020, The Promise and its partners connected 92,000+ people to tax credits and public benefits. And through its record clearing clinics, 5,000+ people took the first step in fresh start.


The number of record-clearing clinics hosted, exceeding the goal of 30 in 30 weeks.


Our commitment to using evidence to guide poverty-fighting solutions was underscored through outcome tracking practices and conducting research on the efficacy of United Way offerings.​ One example, we partnered with the Urban Institute to conduct a formative assessment of The Promise from the point of view of the community-based organizations leading the work.


Households accessed benefits and services worth nearly $53.3 million through Year One of The Promise.

Presenting Opportunity

Collaboration was key at the 2023 OpportUNITY Summit where engaged attendees learned how leaders across sectors are working in partnership to create positive, lasting change. The day included inspirational speakers and spotlighted the work happening locally and right now in American cities where racial equity, social justice, economic opportunity, and upward mobility can be achieved through transformational public-private collaborations.


The number of attendees who participated in the Summit.
No matter the crisis, humanity will always persevere and rise to the challenge at hand
as long as we work together.
- Angela F. Williams, President and CEO, United Way Worldwide


Empowering Dreams

Matched Savings Program

Stability has always been a top priority for Akirah.

Having moved more 20 times before the age of 25, she was determined to provide her children with a sense of security.

’I didn’t want my children falling under the same fate as [me],” she said.

Determined to lay the groundwork, she signed up for a program with Clarifi, a financial service provider. Her first goal was to increase her credit score. Second, to save up for a down payment to fulfill her dream of owning a home.

Akirah was referred to Media Fellowship House—a facilitator of United Way’s Lubert IDA Matched Savings program—which she saw as a pathway to homeownership.

“I endured a few hardships. However, I was able to successfully save the money that I needed to save,” Akirah said.


The Lubert Individual Development Account (IDA) program is one of the region’s most important initiatives, helping decrease the wealth gap and letting people and families achieve upward economic mobility.

Participants can build their assets through match savings for emergencies, homeownership, post-secondary education, and small business expansion.

Akirah saved the $2,000 required for the program over the course of two years, with a 2:1 match for a total of $6,000. And she took advantage of Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Philly Seed’s grant and the City’s First Front Door program.

Starting with credit score in the 500s, boosted it to the mid-700s by the time she was ready to make her purchase.

“Without these programs, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the down payment and closing cost on my own,” she added.

Learn more on THE Matched Savings Program

Breaking Barriers

Record Clearing Clinics

Married for 15 years, a homeowner, and now record-free, Jay sees boundless opportunities ahead for himself and his family.

From a troubled childhood navigating the court system at 11 years of age, to a 49-year-old man with a clean slate, Jay refuses to let his history define him any longer.

Jay’s life took a hopeful turn when he saw an online ad for a record clearing clinic, run by The Promise, powered by United Way, and hosted by our partners at The Elevation Project.

A conviction shouldn’t hold someone back from achieving their potential. That’s why The Promise is focusing on record sealing and employment access.

Through the Jobs & Opportunity Challenge, The Promise is partnering with trusted community organizations to expand outreach, run record clearing clinics, and offer free legal advice.

Skeptical at first, but optimistic, Jay took a leap of faith. Soon thereafter, he completed the necessary paperwork and began the expungement process.


Shortly before his birthday, he received an early gift: confirmation of an expungement. “It’s the gift that continues to give for the rest of my life,” he said.

With an expunged record, Jay envisioned a future filled with possibilities and credits The Promise for laying the groundwork for his fresh start.

Maybe he would work as a 911 emergency operator, become a correctional officer, police officer, or firefighter. The common bond? Each job lets Jay help others.

“As a child, I made regrettable choices. Poverty will do that to you. The expungement opened job opportunities, allowing me to make up for lost time and have a future for my family and myself,” he said.

Transforming his initial embarrassment into pride, Jay embraces the opportunities that lie ahead, no longer held back by his past mistakes.

Discover more on The Promise 

Partnerships Propel Prosperity

In the 2023 fiscal year, we introduced a new way of investing in people, communities, and partners.

Through the Partnership Grant Program (PGP), United Way’s grantmaking model made a significant shift toward one that prioritizes collective learning to foster high-trust relationships, productive knowledge sharing, and include diverse perspectives.

By design, small organizations with deep roots in their communities or expertise in an emerging topic were selected alongside larger nonprofit service providers.

The newly designed program limited its grantees to 100 organizations that fall within United Way’s key focus areas—Early Learning, Career Pathways, Financial Empowerment, and Community Resiliency.

“We found that the outcomes-centered application and reporting expectations of our past grant programs didn’t foster the high-trust relationships that we need in order to learn from and truly partner with nonprofit leaders,” said President and CEO Bill Golderer.

While funding has traditionally varied among the pool of grantees, each grantee will now receive the same amount of unrestricted funding. Across our nine-county footprint, each will receive a grant of $50,000 in the program’s first year.


“We have the opportunity to not only support well-known anchors of our sector, but also smaller or lesser-known nonprofit organizations who have so much to contribute but may not have been competitive in the past,” added Chief Impact Officer Kate Houstoun.

Our donors invest in us to lead bold solutions that address poverty and create opportunities for all. The Partnership Grant Program will help us do just that while sustaining close ties to the communities we serve.

And together, we’re not just transforming procedure. We’re creating a brighter, more equitable Greater Philadelphia region for all.

See our 2023 Community Partners


Transparency drives impact.

We insist on accountability from ourselves and our partners so we can accurately measure our impact and continually improve and refine our poverty-fighting efforts.









Click here to download our FY23 Financial Statement.

Our Thanks to You

Thank you. With your support, we have identified gaps, mobilized resources, and implemented solutions— all to expand opportunity across our region.

From our corporate, civic, and nonprofit partners to our first- and long-time supporters, each of you helped families across Greater Philadelphia achieve a more stable footing for the future.

Below is a complete list of our supporters from the 2023 fiscal year.

Our impact would not be possible without you. We are humbled by the generosity of our donors and grateful to our partners.


* = Kind Society
• = Legacy Circle
Italics = Posthumous recognition

$250,000 and above


The Frazier Foundation *
Mindy Holman and Frank Beideman *
Mr. Ira M. Lubert *
Ms. Francie Middleton and Mr. Michael Field *
The Wyncote Foundation *
Anonymous (1)




Charles Carrington
Steven Wall and Julie Uebler *
A. Morris Williams, Jr. and Elaine W. Camarda *




Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck *
Bill and Karen Cariss *
Nicholas and Eileen DeBenedictis 
Lon and Bonnie Greenberg * •
Mr. Peter Haas *
Margaret G. McGlynn
Jami McKeon and John Hollway *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McNeill, Jr. *
Craig and Kristy Snelgrove *
Ian Wright and Sheila M. Brown
David A. Zapico




Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck, III *
William and Phyllis Burke *
Mrs. Susan W. Catherwood * •
John Chou and Teresa Wallace *
Chris and Kelley Conroy *
Gordon and Gretchen Cooney * •
Mr. Stephen Delaney and Mrs. Courtney Delaney
Tobey and Mark Dichter *
Gloria and John Drosdick *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Farber – Farber Family Foundation *
Mr. Saverio M. Fato *
Gordon and Patricia Fowler *
Penny Fox *
Barbara D. Hauptfuhrer in memory of Robert P. Hauptfuhrer * •
Bob Haver * •
Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Foundation
Susanna Lachs and Dean Adler *
Richard and Dale Levy *
Robert and Sandra Lichtenstein *
Jack and Deb Lynch *
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring
Laura and Marc McKenna *
Mimi and Jim McKenzie *
Kathy and Tom Morrison *
Kathy and James Mullin *
Mr. Avery Munnings *
Charles and Debbie O’Donnell *
Kim and Carl Ortell *
Chris Pappo *
Mr. Thomas L. Portland
Mr. Leo Salom *
Bill and Sharon Schwarze *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sharkey
Steve and Kathy Wanner
Laurence N. and Harriet Weiss *
Dalila Wilson-Scott *




Andrea Anania *
Nate and Allyson Andrisani *
Marcia and Larry Arem *
Scott and Caroline Austin *
William and Debbie Becker *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bennett
Mr. Peter A. Benoliel and Ms. Willo Carey * •
Mr. Dennis P. Bianchi *
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Binswanger *
Sarah Bouchard and Frank Fesnak *
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Candeloro, Jr. *
Mark and Iris Coblitz *
Linda and Tony Conti *
The David and Joyce Ackerman Fund *
Michael D. DiCandilo * •
Edith R. Dixon *
Jack and Tammy Dodds *
Carol S. Eicher *
Amy Y. Fan
Anthony and Erin Foursha *
Jim and Kay Gately * •
Reebu George
Gilroy and Lillian P. Roberts Charitable Foundation *
Diana and Kevin Hoff *
Georgine and Steve Holman *
Richard S. and Kara P. Hyman
Shireen and Homi Kapadia *
Eric and Jackie Kraeutler *
Ida and Paul Ladner *
David and Nancy Lafferty
John P. Lavelle, Jr. and Colleen F. Coonelly *
Timothy and Alexandra Levin *
William A. Loeb *
Marcos and Andrea Lopez *
Jim and Kathleen Lynch *
Mrs. Jane MacElree *
Charles and Ann Marshall *
Joe Meterchick *
Miralie Fund *
Edward A. Montgomery, Jr. * •
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson *
Mr. Mark E. Newman *
Mr. Michael Parker *
Ellen R. Patterson *
Sandra and Roger Perreault *
Sandy Pfeffer-O’Connell *
Stephen Rauscher and Nancy Rauscher *
Brendon and Beth Renouf *
Mr. Paul Rogers
Ms. Caroline Rogers *
John Salveson *
Matt and Lisa Schwenderman *
Patricia and Stephen Segal *
Daniel and Sheila Shalev
William and Marie Strahan *
Mr. Deepak Tanna
Edward and Frances Trainor
Thomas and Melissa Trala *
Kristen and Patrick Traynor
Timothy and Jennifer Vecchiarelli
Robert and Susan White *
David and Betsy Wice *
Kyle Wichser
Anne C. Williams and Stephen P. Doerner *
Sankey and Connie Williams *
Barbara and Larry Wilson *
The Zant Family
Anonymous (1)




Tom and Laura Anderson
Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson *
Meredith S. Auten, Esq. *
Paul and Dana Azores *
Michael L. Banks and Lori F. Banks *
David and Dorothy Binswanger
Brandon Brigham *
Ira Brind and Stacey Spector
Wray and Michelle Broughton *
Chris and Marie Bruner *
Sharon L. Caffrey *
Frank and Linda Cardile *
James and Beth Carll *
Mr. Donald L. Clement, Jr. *
Abbi L. Cohen and Thomas W. O’Connell *
Suzanne and Norman Cohn Family *
Jeff Coutts *
Brian and Chris Creelman *
Mr. James E. Davey *
Gregory and Jami Davis *
Greg and Beverly Deavens *
Roger and Deborah Dennis *
Brian Dietrich *
Gillian Facher and Susan Houde
Betsy and Bruce Fadem *
Robert C. Fell
Joseph and Mary Fenkel *
Mr. Joseph M. Field and Mrs. Marie H. Field
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fischer
Jack and Dottie Foltz *
Dave and Jennifer Forti
Ms. Amy A. Fox and Daniel H. Wheeler *
David and Karen Frank *
Christopher and Jennifer Franklin
Dr. Allan P. Freedman * •
Mr. Charles T. Freeman *
Rob and Amanda Friz
Hugh and Elena Gallagher *
Monica M. Gaudiosi
Seth Goldberg and Beth Hessel *
Bill and Julie Golderer *
Mr. and Mrs. Jared H. Gordon
Robert and Karen Graham
Robert Grasso
Dana Graves and family *
Nancy L. Gunza *
Megan and Stephen Haindl *
Patrick and Emily Harker
Deborah A. Hays, Esq *
Robert C. and Eileen Kennedy Heim *
John Hillman
Barbara and Alan Jacobson *
Paul and Brooke Jakubowski *
Lisa Kabnick and John McFadden *
Matthew and Liz Kamens *
George and Barbara Karr *
The Kaunert Family
Ann Kelly *
Mike and Meeta Kerlin *
Christina Kind *
Ron Klasko and Family
Susan and Leonard Klehr
Robert and Linda Knauss *
Nadia R. Kunz *
Terry Larsen *
Laura A. Williamson Charitable Fund *
Ms. Sharon Levy *
The Lida Foundation *
Kenny MacDonald
Raman Mahadevan *
Jennifer Malatesta and Edgar Johnson
Bill and Jan Matthai *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. McGeehan
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McHugh *
Ryan Michael McMahon
Mrs. Bethany Miller *
James and Rhonda Mordy *
Michael and Bridget Mulcahy *
Michael Murray and Wendy Newlon Murray *
Mr. Norman E. Nelson
Joe Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer *
Craig and Lindsey Neuber *
Kristina Nicoles and Bryan LoSasso *
Patrick and Marie O’Connor *
Michael and Joyce Patrick
Fred Penny *
Jane G. Pepper *
Ana and Jay Persaud
Brian Piacitelli
Rev. Lucy E. Pierre *
Grant and Laura Rawdin *
Steve and Elizabeth Reed *
Greg and Mariann Reh
Abe and Sherri Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rhoads *
Mr. John Roberto
Dianne and Jeffrey Rotwitt *
Mr. Erich Sachse
Lawrence and Rita Salva *
Gena Scanlon
Richard L. Scheff
Brian and Julie Shaffer *
Kathleen Shay
Samuel and Denise Silvers
Mr. Richard Alan Speizman *
Rev. Frank Spencer and Dr. Melanie Spencer *
Michael and Cindy Steinsaltz *
Jay H. Tolson
John Wichard
Susan and Barton Winokur *
Parkway Corp./Joseph S. Zuritsky
Anonymous (7)


Visionary Circle


 Mrs. Neysa C. Adams *
Amanda and Anthony Agati
Umesh Akki *
Dr. and Mrs. Richard P. Albertson *
Shannon LC Ammon *
Robert Amodei
Kimberly Bankston *
Donna and Louis Beardell *
Dana Becker
Charles and Joanne Bernier
Jeannine and Stephen Bishop
Martin J. and Nancy T. Black *
Ms. Tricia Suzanne Blair *
Reese Blair
Chris Bland and Sarah Kendall
Brian and Maureen Block *
Donald Bowe
Mr. Steven Scott Bradley *
Peter and Susan Brooks *
Troy and Staci Brown *
Mark and Susan Bryan *
Mr. Wesley R. Burns •
Chris and Cathyann Calabrese *
Rochelle L. Cameron *
Brian Cassidy
Robert and Jennifer Celata
Clement and Susan Cheng *
Ms. Christina R. Chepel *
Matthew Cohen *
Ms. Rosalie S. Cohen *
Daniel J. and Suzanne C. Crowley *
Mr. William Dawson *
Mr. Rodney D. Day III *
Rick Deeck *
Mr. Michael A. DeSimone and Susan Hughes, MD *
Anna and Vladimir de Vassal
Frank and Sharon DiCola *
Joseph A. Dougherty
Mr. Kenneth C. Dubbs
Jim Duffy
John Edwards
Walt and Heidi Einhorn
Michael and Jaime Fallon *
Ella and Arthur Feldman *
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Feldman *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Frabizzio III
Randal Freitag *
Kenneth R. and Theljewa Garrett * •
Justin Gdula *
Mr. Steven Grabell *
Ms. Melissa A. Grimm *
Raquel N. Guzman
The Haims Family
Bob Hamilton *
Michael and Vicki Harad
Ms. Sarah Harris *
Scott and Heidi Hartman *
Kathryn Hayes and Victor Tortorelli
Brenda and Rory Hertzog
Helena and John Heywood *
Ralph Hunter *
Todd Hyman
Jeff and Kathy Idler
Shawn P. Jackson
John Jaeger
Ted Jastrzebski and Laura Barta *
Tabitha Jenkins *
Mr. Sean M. Johnston *
AJ Jordan
Margot Kane *
Jill Hyman Kaplan and Elliot Kaplan *
Mr. and Mrs. Ned J. Kaplin *
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Kaye *
Michael Kehoe
Kevin and Elissa Kelleher *
Amy Pocino Kelly
Scott and Mary Beth King *
Paul and Susan Kinmartin
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Klaris
Mike and Cora Klena *
Mr. Joseph H. Kluger *
Ms. Nina Korsh
Charles and Stephanie Kropac, Jr.
Justin M. Land
Ms. Andrea M. Lawler Kirk *
Ms. June Leavy *
Mr. John T. Lehman *
Lou Librandi *
Charisse R. Lillie *
Hao-Li Loh *
Mr. Michael Loughran *
Jenn Lubert and Tim Landvoigt *
Rohit Makhija
Diane and Bill Mattis *
Mrs. Jill McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McDevitt *
Sean McVey
Ben Mears *
Thomas Melcher
Mr. Mark Mintun *
H. Laddie Montague, Jr.
Michele and Mike Morelli *
George Morrison
Susan Mucciarone *
Christine and Keith Mulkay
Michael A. Munoz *
Elizabeth A. Murphy *
John Neary
Thomas and Danielle Nicolosi
Mr.and Mrs. Ortiz-Landazabal *
Tom Paradise *
Gregory T. Parks *
Danisha S. Patel *
Nancy Toll Perilstein
Mr. Marcel S. Pratt *
Mr. Dennis Pullin *
Thomas A. and Margaret W. Ralph *
Melinda G. Rath *
Anthony and Patricia Ratti *
Dr. Carol A. Raviola *
Richard P. Byler Charitable Fund *
David and Ann Ritts
Dan and Faye Ross *
Paul Saint-Antoine *
Jim and Leslie Samaha *
Mr. Craig Francis Sanders *
The Schmidt Family *
Brian and Karen Scott
The Seland Family
Mr. Steve Joseph Shaw *
Sheeran Family
Mr. Richard J. Shute *
Barry S. Silver
Isaac and Terry Silvera *
Steven Silverstein *
Mrs. Ellen Simon *
Mark Slavin
Gayle R. and David Smith
John K. and Julia Caldwell Smith
Theresa Staerk
Mr. Russell Starke *
Malcolm and Jan Steven *
Glen and Sue Stuart *
Virginia (Ginny) Susini
Nicole G. Tell *
Yen Tieu and Rob Ling
John Touey *
Ms. Melinda Tuan and Mr. Pete Groeneveld *
Paul Tufano *
Mr. Tom G. Vadaketh *
Peter Van Buren
Mr. Michael Vogeley
Katharyn Voit
Ms. Dana Weeks *
Ingrid Welch *
Gene and Teri Welsh *
Dr. David J. Whellan and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Cohen *
Peter and Sheila Wilm
Ms. Melody Wolske *
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Wood * •
David and Kim Woolf
Peter J. Zuleba III *
Anonymous (8)




Erin Abreu
Omar Abu-Adas
David L. Anderson *
Mr. Gregory Anthony *
Ann M. Arena *
Colleen and Steven Arnold
Drs. Kelly and Mark Aubart
Thomas and Elizabeth Balderston *
Mr. Michael W. Banks *
Sommer and Brad Bayard
Lawrence H. and Julie C. Berger *
Mr. Alan D. Berkowitz and Evelyn Berkowitz *
Ms. Francine Bey
Tess Blair and Cory Walker
Judith W. Blumstein *
The Bogusch Family *
Anna Boni *
Lauren Bonn
Mrs. Murray Bookbinder *
Edward Bowen
Ann Marie M. Boyle
David and Amy Boyle
Howard Brooks
Valentine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Brownell *
Peter Burgum
Chrystina Cappello *
Frank and Constance Carbone *
Joseph Centeno
Justin W. Chairman *
Gary Charlestein *
Tony John Ciampitti
Ren Cicalese and Anne D’Amico
Alexa Clement
Frank and Beth Clement *
Tom and Colleen Cody *
Ms. Erinn T. Corbett-Wright *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Crow
Michael Cunning
Bob and Kris Daglian *
Mariann Davies
Kenneth Davis
Nancy B. Davis *
Joe DeCosta
Marina Despotopoulou and George Poole *
Dr. Phyllis H. Detwiler *
Lisa and Timothy Dickinson
Dorothea E. DiGiovanni
Jim Dilks
Amy J. Dorfmeister *
Frank Doto
David and Janet Dotson
Greg and Catherine Doyle
Bob Edmiston *
Patrick J. Eiding *
Kelly and Homer Elizardo
Gulnur A. Elove *
Jonathan Englert
Sandra S. Ferris
The Fidoten Family *
Linda Finkelstein and Jeff Bergelson *
Ms. Lisa A. Fisher *
Ron Flaherty
Phyllis and Neal Flomenberg
Stacie and Matthew Forman *
Mr. Louis M. Fromm *
Patrick and Kimberly Gallagher *
Steve Gardner
William Gares *
Mr. Steven Garthwaite *
Mr. Tony Gavin *
Lee Ann Gehrs *
Matt and Linda Geis *
Stewart Gerson *
Francis Giampietro *
Mark D. Gibson
Michael Gill Price
Christopher Giovanni *
Robert Goldberg, D.D.S. *
Michael and Kim Gradisek
Charles and Alison Graham *
Derek R. Graham
Allison Green
John and Anita Green
Joanne Grotheer *
Peter Gualtieri *
David I. and Donna G. Haas
Heather Hagan
Patricia M. Haines
William Hamel *
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Hardin
Dr. John and Eleanor Harding *
Valerie Harris
Millicent Harrison
Ms. Jodi L. Hayes *
Richard Heater
Pamela and Daniel Heist
Noreen and Mike Hennig *
Mr. Robert Hergenrother *
Ms. Amanda Hill *
Rebecca Hillyer
Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek and Jeffrey I. Pasek *
Bruce I. Hoffman, M.D. and Karan Michelle Hoffman *
Rebecca Hoffman
Mr. Nicholas J. Hopkins *
Margot Horwitz *
Kate Houstoun *
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Hudson
Chris Hurren *
Linda J. Jacobsen
Stephen A. and Nadia M. Jannetta
Sarah Jersild
Craig M. Jones *
Denise Joyce
Tac and Melinda Justi
Mrs. Joan P. Kahn *
Jim Kane
David Kasoff *
Katrina Keating *
Michael S. Keim
Mr. Jeffrey S. Keller *
Christina Kelly
Andrew and Valerie Kind-Rubin *
Jim and Trisha King
Alan Klein, Esq. *
John and Susan Knauss *
Lawrence Kotler
Cynthia and David Kreh
Ms. Gina Kropp *
Jennifer Krow *
Lauren and Tim Lambie-Hanson
Dr. and Mrs. Morton A. Langsfeld III *
Wendy N. Laverty *
Dominique Hung Nhu Le *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ledwith *
Ryan Leib *
Mike Leininger
Rachel and Neil Lesser
Yan Leung
Lori M. Levengood
Martin Levitas and Roberta Rote *
Mark Lipowicz
Mr. John Lister-James
Thomas T. Loder *
James Lofton
David and Patricia Long *
Mike Long
Mr. Ian Lopez *
Thomas Neilsor Lord
Theresa E. Loscalzo and James Hildenbrand
Marc and Yvonne Lucca *
Roxann Luckenbill
Christopher Luning
Dr. C. Richard Lyttle *
Mr. George J. Mailath *
Andrew and Zeneida Maiorini *
Andrew Mariniello
Mike Martin *
David Masciulli *
Kathleen McCloskey
Doris E. McCray
Jerry and Yvette McDonald
Esther M. McGinnis *
Anne McKenna *
Sandra L. McLean *
Drs. John L. Melvin and C. M. Pate *
Zane David Memeger *
Gerald B. Miceli
Christine M. Miller *
Scott and Jessica Milner
Mr. John W. Moeller, Jr.
Tom Montgomery
Peter and Tara Moore *
Alex Morgan
Lynn Morreale
Mrs. Ann P. Morris *
Mr. Robert Morrison
Douglas Moyer *
Timothy and Paula Murphy *
Mr. Daniel Nabelek and Ms. Sarah Lubash *
Ms. Julia Neikirk *
Brian and Pamela North
Jack O’Brien
Sally O’Connell *
George Joseph O’Neil III *
Ron and Laura Oscher *
Ryan and Alyson Oswald *
Avani P. Parekh *
Mr. Garth Parker, Jr. *
Valerie D. Pearce *
David M. Perry *
Bonnie Picklo and Edward Picklo *
Craig Pierce *
Elizabeth Pinkerman
Jeff And Anne Poulin *
Mr. Kevin M. Purfield *
Elizabeth Reilly
Cole Reinwand *
Bradley D. Remick
Dan Ressler
Thomas Reynolds *
Leslie Richards *
The Ricou-Hoeffer Family
C. Riddle
Rob Rogers *
William Rosoff *
The Samuel P. Mandell Foundation *
Jim Santoro
Mr. Matthew S. Schell *
Mark and Jennifer Scheuer
Jennifer Schneider
Michael Schwab
Michael T. Scott and Robin R. Hauner *
Mr. Laurence S. Seidman *
Erik Sendel
Aimee Shafer
Ms. Mary Shaffer *
Stephen and Nieta Shapiro
Tamsen Sharpless
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Shields
Won Shin
James E. and Mary E. Shreiner *
Gary J. Sigall *
Stephen Simpson *
Stacey J. Sinclair *
Theresa Singleton *
Mr. Eric W. Sitarchuk and Mrs. Rebecca Sitarchuk *
Taralyn Slusarski
Harvey Smith *
Walt and Dena Sokoll
Alexandra B. Spooner *
Monica Stellwag
Mr. Napoleon Stephenson *
Jeff and Cindy Stevens
Mr. Michael S. Stratoti *
David Strauss *
Frederick J. Strittmatter
Mr. Aaron D. Suh *
Shannon Hampton Sutherland
Michael Talbot
Sunil and Sherri Tandon *
Balamuralidhar Tenepalli *
Charlie Thaxton *
Colleen M. Thompson *
Timmins Family
Joseph Trivett *
Mr. John M. Troutman
Denise P. Tucker
Adolf Unoarumhi *
Dawn Vahey
Antonio Valdes
David A. VanOcker *
Hugh and Krista Van Sciver
Lisa Vongphachanh
Christopher J. Wagner *
Dr. Bettyruth Walter *
Mr. Patrick J. Ward
Mr. Ryan T. Ward *
Eric P. Wasserman *
Kent E. Weaver, Jr. and Julie M. Weaver
Denise and James Wildish *
Mike Wilkin
Amber Williams *
Willis Family
Bryan Wilson *
Roger Wilson
Douglas Winters
William and Lori Wisser
Mr. William R. Worthington *
Mr. Edward Woyden
Minturn T. Wright III *
Mims Maynard Zabriskie *
Judy Zagorski *
Amanda and Jonathan Zeigler *
Robert A. Zuritsky *
Anonymous (21)




Bennett L. Aaron * •
Bill Abate
Ray and Beth Abbott *
Kathleen Abercrombie *
David F. Abernethy *
Sabrina Abesamis *
Margaret Abrams
Mr. Aaron Abrams III
Jacob Adamcik
Anna Adams *
James Adams
Paula R. Ahearn *
Stephen and Lisa Albanese
Keith A. Alderfer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Aldridge
Alberto Alejandro *
Clint and Mary Allen *
Mark Allen
Sean Allen-Jackson *
Andrea and David Allon
Ricard Alonso *
Ismael Alvarez, Jr.
Ms. Tristin Whitney Ambrose *
Duane Amendola *
Mr. Todd Amsley *
Kim Andreola *
Mr. John L. Andrews
Nicholas Anselmo
Edith Aponte
Cedric Aragona *
Mr. Chris C. Archer *
Robert L. Archie, Jr.
James Arroyo, Jr. *
Fareeha Arshad
Dana Ash *
Mary Ashenbrenner
Myrna Asher *
Sandra-Maria Atchou
Tricia and Daniel Atkinson
Richard Atwell *
Geoff and Laura Auchter *
David R. Augustin *
Caroline and Scott Austin
Tom and April Aydelotte *
In memory of Howard and Helen Baird *
Karen Baker
Michael Balent
Mr. Jonathan F. Ball
Mr. Harry F. Bambrick, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth J. Barber
Natalie and Michael Bare
Bryan Barnes *
Joel Barnett *
Mr. Mark Barrett
Andi and Scott Barsky
Rob Bartholomew
Malcolm M. Bates
Lisa Batt
Alexandra Bauer *
Steven M. and Lisa C. Baxter *
Ms. Jacqueline Andrea Beasley *
Barbara Beck
Mike Beck
Ms. Catherine R. Beck
David Beckmann *
Lee M. Begelman
Janice and Sharon Belfer *
Ann Marie Bell
in memory of Michael Belman *
Vincent J. Benedetto, Jr. *
Mr. Craig Benedict
Ms. Tina L. Benham *
Mitchell Berlin *
Nicholas Berlingieri *
Edward Bethea
Ernest Bethea *
Joseph Betty *
Paul Betz *
N. Biber *
Richard G. Bickel, Jr. *
Edward G. Biester III and Carol L. Press
Michelle Bimson Maggi
Mark Binning *
Steve Bitzer
Vanessa Judy Blair *
Mr. Phil Blank *
Daniel and Linda Blickman *
Mark Blondman
Brian M. Bluman *
Jeremy P. Blumenfeld
Colleen Marie Boate *
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bodle
Mr. Michael Boedewig *
Henry and Denise Boenning *
Ferd and Aurea Boisvert *
Jerry Bollenbach
Jason Bologna *
Arlene Bonnet
Luke H. Borda
Dan Borelli *
Nicholas A. Bosshardt *
Jeff Boujoukos *
Mr. Keith Bowen *
Ms. Miriam Bowerman *
Joe Bowyer *
Jeremy Boyd
Robert Boyer *
Michael Boyle
Stephen F. Boyle
Jerry Braatz
Brad and Ellen Molotsky Foundation
Richard J. Braemer, Esq. *
Glenn Brailsford, Sr. *
Tracey Brand-Sanders
Paul J. Brigandi *
Sean T. Briscoe
Ms. Emily J. Bristol *
Jason Brocious *
Michael and Carolina Bromberg *
Jayson Bronchetti *
Mr. Tom Brooks
Lindsay A. Brown *
Merle Brown
Michael and Alexandra Brown *
Ms. Arlette E. Brown *
Ms. Dana E. Brown
Suzanne M. Brown *
Arnold Brownell *
Nancy A. Bruno
Michael Bryan, Andrea Bryan, and Andrea Lucente *
Eric D. Bryant *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bryszewski
Mr. Zachary Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bunting, Jr. *
Monica L. Burch
Kathryn Burke-Howe
Michael Burkhardt *
Mr. Richard G. Burnfield
Mr. Stephen Busch *
Kendra Butcher *
Emmerich Buziak
Lee and Alissa Bye
Mr. Stephen J. Byrne *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Byrne
Jason Cabrera
Mark Callahan
Shannon Callahan
Mr. Christopher P. Calzaretta *
Steve and Anna Cameron
Ezekiel Cannon
John S. Cannon *
Mr. Stephen J. Capps *
David M. Carey *
Rebecca B. Carey *
Mr. William S. Carey *
Ms. Jessica L. Carll *
Mr. Donald Carlson and Susan Sarappo *
Heather and Dan Carmody *
Greg Carpenter *
Mr. John Carruth *
Brian and Angela Carty *
Kimberly Carty and Timothy Carty *
Caruso Family *
Ms. Kimberly R. Caruso
Charles Case
Mac Casey
Mr. Michael Casey
Alan and Debbie Casnoff *
Charles B. Casper *
Sebastian Cassano *
Ms. Jamie L. Castelli *
Edie Castor *
Lino Catana *
Meghan Catzin
Mr. Nicholas M. Centrella, Jr.
Mr. Nicholas Peter Cernansky *
Frank P. Cervone and Judith A. Algeo
Phil and Niki Cha *
Ms. Jenny Chan *
Amber L. Chandler *
Tyrell Chandler *
Jackie Charpentier *
Satyajit Chatterjee and Burcu Eyigungor
Marcella Cheesman *
Robert Chernoff *
Ms. Amy C. Chiara *
Anthony Chiaradonna *
Susan Cho
Nancy and Dale Choate *
Mr. Joseph Chott
Mike and Kristi Christman
Tim Chung
Ezra D. Church
Joseph E. Cianfero
Catharine Ciric
Ms. Crystal Lynn Clark *
Terence Clark *
Dr. Lucy M. Clarkson
Jennifer Clarkson *
Mr. Gerard Clavens
Karen T. Clay
Tom and Joan Cleary *
M. Scott Clemens
Richard and Susan Coe
Brie Coellner
Jeffrey M. Cogen
Barbara M. Cohen *
Michael Cohen
Dr. Milton Cohen *
Nina L. Cohen
Brigitte A. Colbert
Jeffrey Cole *
Gregory L. Coleman *
Mike Coleman *
Andy Coler
Miguel Colon *
Hope A. Comisky *
Chuck and Michele Compton *
Mark Concannon
Joanna Connor *
John Conrad
The Conston Foundation * •
Sean Convery
C. Michael Conway III *
Christopher Cook *
Seth v.d.H. Cooley and Katherine J.T. Cooley
Ellen and Howard Cooper *
Frank and Margery Cooper *
Patricia Cooper
Sarah Cooper
Mr. Jaime Cordero *
Jeffrey and Jamie Coron
Ms. Carla Corrado
Franco and Tina Corrado
Matthew Corso *
Mike Costello *
Matthew and Elisabeth Costolo
Mr. Philip L. Coyne
Lena Crain
Patricia G. Cramer *
Ms. Yelena Crescimanno *
Mr. Nicholas Dominic Crifasi *
Mr. Ben J. Crocker *
Christopher Crockett
Cherie and Matthew Cross
Kathleen Crow Riley
Luis Cubero-Hernandez *
Mrs. Melissa L. Culp *
Jim Cummings *
Dr. Cunanan *
Cheryl F. Cunningham
Danielle Cunningham
John and Marty Cunningham
Neal and Frances Cupersmith *
Mr. Justin Cupples
John Cusimano
Michael and Monica Czyzewski
Michael S. D’Agostino *
Kevin A. Daily
Mr. Jonmichael J. Daly
Lawrence Daly
Joseph D’Ambrosio, Jr.
Anne D’Amico*
Hollis Dana *
Stephen Daniel *
Sandra F. Davidson *
Crystal Davis
Katherine R. Davis *
Marc Davis *
Eswar Dayanandam
Brad DeAngelo
Kathryn Deal *
Susan Dean *
Mike DeCesare and Karen DeCesare *
David and Tamara Decker *
Paul Decker *
Ms. Deborah A. Degillio *
Francis E. Dehel and Elizabeth A. Rosica *
David D. Delgado, Jr. *
Carrie Delgott *
Ms. Kimberly Delsordo
Stephen Demeritt *
Charles J. Dennen *
Mr. Shawn C. Denz *
Paul and Donna DeSanctis *
Dave and Audrey Deuel *
Gary A. Deutsch
Richard J. Devine *
Steven Dewees
Jeremy and Andrea Dewey *
Ms. Jennifer DiCandilo *
Bruce C. Dickie *
Matt and Valerie Dickman *
Miss Lindsey N. DiGangi
Cheryl DiLanzo *
Ms. Cynthia Dill-Pinckney
Mr. Chad Dinerman *
Mark F. Dingfield *
Ryan Dirkx
Chris DiRuggieri *
Michael J. DiSantis
Mr. David B. Ditter
Coral Dixon *
William Doman, Jr. *
Mr. Thomas J. Dominiecki *
Laura J. Donkus
Adam Douberly
Jim Dougherty *
Ms. Dionne L. Douglas
Dusty D. Downs
Karen Drakos
Mr. Mark Driscoll *
Deanna L. Drnevich
Lowell H. Dubrow, Esq. *
John Duerksen *
Ronald C. Dunbar *
Brian Dunn *
Jeffrey L. Dunn
Mr. Justin Dunn
Sarah Dunn *
Justin Dutka
Heather Dwyer *
Ms. Nina Dyer
John and Linda Easton
Brian and Dana Eckroade
David and Courtney Edelstein *
Eve K. Egerter
Jennifer Egmont
Emilia Elder
Charles M. Elliott *
James Ellis *
Robert Ellison
David W. Ellman *
Anne Engler
Christopher Erb *
Mr. Steve M. Erhardt *
Tiana Escofil
Andrea S. Ettingoff
Ms. Nicole Evans
Donald Faber *
Ms. Holly C. Fair *
Jason L. Fajgier *
Greg Fanelli
Mr.and Mrs. Patrick Farris
Mr. Frank Fee *
Mr. David Fehm *
Eric Feindler
Lauren B. Feldhake *
Mr. Eric Feldman *
Mrs. Patricia A. Feldman *
Christina Feng *
Allison Fenlin *
Nikhil J. Fernandes
Mr. Ralph R. Ferraro *
Ms. Kimberly A. Ferroni *
Ms. Caitlin Devlin Ferry *
Lewis Fickett III
Mrs. Alyson C. Filippone
Steve Firko
Kelly Fisherkeller *
Ms. Susan C. Fitzgerald
Klair Fitzpatrick
T. Kevin FitzPatrick, Esq.
Linda Y. Flake
Mr. Mike Fletcher *
Linda C. Flocco *
Mr. John Florence *
Bryan Flory *
Michael and Sharla Floyd *
Rev. William A. Fluck *
Kevin and Sandra Flynn *
Michael Foley
Ms. Sue E. Foley *
David F. Fomunyam
Brian Forbes
Chris and Michele Foster *
Glenn A. Foster *
Kathleen A. Foster *
Kurt A. Foster *
Mr. Lewis E. Fountain *
Bethanne Fox
Michael J. Fox
Terence and Jodi Fox
Mr. Grant Frame *
Dr. Martin N. Frank *
Jason Frederick *
Tanya D.K. Frederick
Mr. David W. Freese, Jr. *
Bruce and Moina Freeston *
Simon Freyaldenhoven
The Frezel Family Foundation *
Joe and Amy Frick *
Gwendolyn Friedman
Aaron Fries *
Colin and Arlene Fritsch *
Mark and Amy Fritsky *
Daniel Fritz
Peter and Jane Fritz
Eric and Susan Frost
Christina and David Fryman *
Mrs. Chekemma J. Fulmore-Townsend *
Ms. Vivian M. Funchion
Daniel Furman *
Mike Furman
Joseph Gallagher *
Michael P. and Michele T. Gallagher
William C. Gallagher *
Donna Gallo
Lindsay Galvan
Robert L. Gambone *
Malika Gandhi and Jay Mehta *
Mike Gantz *
Wei Gao
Greg and Janna Garland
Gregory J. Geier *
Ms. Tanya Geisler
Matthew Gelles
David and Lea Gendelman *
Joseph and Beverly Gerber *
Mr. John T. Gerhart
Linda Gever *
Mr. Dominic P. Giacobbe
Mr. Matthew J. Gibbons
Thomas Gibbons
Mr. James M. Gibson *
Gilbert Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gillen
Andrew Gillespie
Henry and Sheila Gladstone
David Glass
Edward and Barbara Glickman *
Ethan C. Glor *
Ms. Rachel Vidal Goc *
Cindy Godshall *
Mr. Kent E. Goklen *
Mr. Elliott S. Gold *
Karen L. Gold *
Ann Bassett *
Daphne Goldman
John and Maureen Gonzales
Keith Goodman *
Thomas A. Gordon, Ph.D. *
Lewis F. Gould, Jr. *
Felicia Grand-Pierre
Mr. Michael Green *
Jim Greenberg
John Greenstreet *
Anne and Michael Greenwald *
Fran Gress *
Andrea V. Greyson
Drew Griffiths
Caprice Griggs *
Arnold Grimes *
Thomas and Lisa Grimm
Junsi Gu *
Ira and Kathy Gubernick *
The Guldalian Family
Ms. Theresa Guldin *
Steve Gulotta
Traci Gusher
Mr. Stephen B. Gutsche *
Christopher T. Haak *
Ms. Kristin M. Hadgis *
Alexis Haggert
Haggerty Family
Christopher Hahne
Gene Paul Hahnenberg *
Wendy Haley *
Andrew Hall
Mr. Arthur Samuel Hall *
Anthony B. Haller
Stephen and Ona Hamilton *
Ms. Jennifer Hammel *
Michael J. Hammond *
Adam Hammoud *
Judith Hanratty
Dean Hanscom *
Susan and David Harbaugh
Alisa Harris
Terry Harris
Valerie Harrison
David Hartrum *
Andrew Haupt *
Marine and Mickael Havel *
Darren D. Haviland
William M. Hawk 3rd *
Mr. Raymond Hazel *
Gregory Healy
Andrea Hearn *
Brendan Heck *
Alycia Heggs
Paul C. Heintz *
Eileen Heisman Tuzman *
Daniel P. Heldman *
Ileana Helwig
John Hemmer
Hendrick Family
Mr. Terry M. Henry
Christina Henry McGee
Jack Hensler*
Glenn I. Heppard *
Sheri Herman
Dave Hermance *
Sean Heron
Bridget and Steve Hicks
Joann and Dan Higgins *
Zenaida Hilger
Coleen Hill *
Mr. David Warren Hill *
Richard Hill *
Rick Hislop *
Alan J. Hoffman and Dr. Julie Goldman *
Mark Hoffman *
Ed and Kendra Hogan
The Holaday Family Fund *
Derry Holland
Mr. David Holland
Brett B. Holman *
James Holman
Jennifer Hood
Kristen Hooks *
Mr. R. Bradford Hoopman
Spencer Hopkins *
Catherine Hopkinson *
Brian Horwith
Mallick Hossain *
Mr. David Howell *
Rob Hrapczynski *
Han-Yun Hu
Ms. Nora K. Hueber *
Karen B. Humphreys
D. Hurford
Bill Hussa
James and Joan Husted *
Jennifer M. Hutchinson *
Emily Hutter
Tina Hwang
Ms. Sharon A. Imgrund*
Richard S. Infantino
Mr. Todd D. Ingves *
Rob and Lisa Jackson *
Benjamin Jacobs *
Mr. Evan K. Jacobs *
Michael A. Jacobs *
Bonnie Jacobson *
Jennie Jacobson *
Matthew J. Jacoby *
Julie and Richard Jaffe
James and Michele *
Harold Jamison
Christopher and Bernadette Janis
Marc Jenkins
Meredith Jermann
Mr. Chad Jernberg *
Jose M. Jimenez *
Michael J. Jiulianti
Jessica Johnson *
Paul C. Johnson
Paul T. Johnson *
Bob and Joan Jones
Monique Jones
Robyn R. Jones
Mr. Whitney Jones *
Dr. J.H. Joseph *
Joseph Jingoli and Son, Inc. *
Marie Juliana
Dr. Richard L. Kagan *
Evan Kaliner *
Chris and Tricia Kalmbach
Paul and Karen Kane *
Scott and Kimberly Karol *
Connie and Steve Kasperson *
Bruce J. and Deborah Q. Kasten
Mr. Raymond John Kaszuba III *
Bruce and Carol Katcher *
Patrick and Elizabeth Kearney
Ms. Lisa M. Keating *
Ms. Lexi L. Kegerise
Albert B. Kelly
Ms. Kiley Cecile Kelly
Mrs. Piper Kelly
Racquel J. Kelly-McDonald
Mr. John J. Kennealy
Kaitlin Kennedy
Michael Kennedy *
The Kenneth D. and Castella I. Hill Fund *
Mr. Robert Kenney *
Kathy Keyser and Jeff Marsden
Cagla Khorana
Michael and Michelle Kichline *
John Kichula
Mr. Barry A. Kidd *
Matthew Kienholz *
Mr. Patrick Killeen
Ms. Paula Annemarie King *
Rachel King *
Ms. Tammy L. King *
Michael and Maria Kinney
Ms. Jane N. Kinyua *
Mr. Wilbur L. Kipnes *
John M. Kiraly, Jr. *
Amy Kirkpatrick *
Dr. Nary Preap Kith
Ira Klein *
Dana B. Klinges *
Gregory Klotz *
Klym Family
James R. Knaub *
Craig and Marisa Kocak
Joline Koch *
Mr. Robert T. Koehler *
Ms. Karen R. Koenig *
The Koenig Family Charitable Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation *
Jeffrey and Maggie Kolansky
Mr. Samuel R. Kolins *
Igor Komarov
Karen Kooman
Mr. Norton J. Koos, Jr.
Joseph Korn
Mr. and Mrs. David Kornblatt
Jimmy Koshy
Thomas and Linda Kothe
Eugenia Kotsis
David B. Kowalski
Eileen Kowalski
Lynn and Rudy Koziol
Hersh Kozlov
Bruce Kramer and Jess Colleton
Arjan Krasniqi *
Ms. Christine M. Krause *
George J. Kroculick
Ms. Christina M. Krone
Janet Kronfeld *
Jeff and Maureen Krull
Wayne Kuehler
Kenneth M. Kulak and Katherine H. Hovde
Mr. Hemanth Kulkarni *
Vinoj Kumaran *
Marilyn Kutler
Kyle and Stephanee Kwelty
Jeramie Ladjanski *
Phyllis Lagerman
Scott Lam *
Lauren-Alice Lamanna
Mrs. Jane E. Lamb
Mr. Timothy J. Landick
Jana Landon *
Jen Larkin *
Cesar Larregui *
Todd Larsen *
Nickolaus Latta *
Sara and Adam Laver
Thomas and Debra Lawrence *
Mr. Joseph Lebano, Jr. *
Ms. Rachel A. Lecrone
Mr. Seth J. Lehr *
Ms. Amy C. Leichner *
Jeannette Leighton
Jennifer Lendler
Matthew Levering *
Ms. Ruth Levikoff *
Mr. Arthur Levit *
William R. Levy *
Mr. Anthony Terrell Lewis *
Jeffrey P. Lewis *
Richard Lewis *
Mr. Yuwen Li *
Ms. Wenli Li *
Karen Liberman
Deborah Liberta
Elsie Libertini
Alan Lieblich *
Leonard Liebold *
Christine Lightfoot *
Nathaniel Lim
Calvin Liming, Jr.
Emily Lind
Diane Linke *
Jing Liu
Brendan Lloyd *
Christina Lloyd *
Mr. Jonathan Lock *
David E. Loder
Karen LoDico
Patrick Loftus, Esq.
Joseph Logue *
Christine Lombardo *
Edith J. Lopez
Alyson Lotman
Joe Lubanski
Mrs. Maria L. Lubbers
Danielle Lucas *
Joe and Diana Lucca
Mairi V. Luce
Ms. Shailesh Lulla *
Mr. Timothy A. Lunger *
L. Luongo *
Ben and Austin Lutz
Kevin Lydic *
John M. and Virginia Lynch *
Pat MacCluen
Mr. Michael Mackey
Mr. Ian Mackintosh
Ms. Megan M. Mackrides *
Brian Madden *
Linda A. Magni
Mr. Joel S. Magnus *
Thomas Maiorino
Hector Maldonado *
Michael Maldonado *
Victor Maldonado *
Leigh Malnati *
Ms. Jennifer L. Manbeck *
Tzarni Mangosong *
Allan Scott Manishin
Robin Manix
Ms. Sarah Manley *
Mr. Joseph L. Mann, Jr. *
Michael P. Mann *
Ms. Meredith Sue Mann
Mark Manning *
Lisa Mann-Shank
Ms. Marucela N. Manojlovich
Anthony Marino and Rosalia Valenti Marino *
Diane M. Marino *
Frank and Susan Markle
Mr. Edmund Markowski
Heather C. Marlatt
Christopher Martin *
David and Stacy Martin
Jill A. Martin
Christopher Martinelli *
Anne Martinez *
Juan Martinez *
Jennifer Marzolf
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Mason *
Amanda Masucci Daly
Mr. Omar J. Mateo
Punnoose and Jessy Mathai *
Trudi Mathues
Mr. Mark Matlin
Ms. Ayanna K. Matlock *
Mr. Stephen W. Matsick
Ronald Matthew
Mr. Robert Mauceri *
JoBeth Mauriello
William E. Mayeros
Suzanne S. Mayes
John Maynes
Megan Mayo
Anne Marie and James Mazzone *
Ciera J. McAllister
Brian McCallion *
Carleen McCarthy
Mr. Mark A. McCarthy *
Ryan and Rosemary McCarthy *
John McCaw
Janet McClatchy *
Lauren S. McClintock *
Ms. Cristine M. McCollum
Robert McConnell *
Sean and Erin McConnell *
Ms. Melanie Olivia McCottry
Mary M. McCracken *
Irene McCray *
Kevin McCullough
Frances A. McElhill, Esq. *
Will and Elisa McEnroe
William T. McEnroe *
Suzanne McFadden *
Maria McGarry *
Drew Steven McGehrin *
Mr. Joseph P. McGinley
Ms. Maryann McGoldrick
Ms. Sharon Ann McGoldrick *
Scott McGough
Brian and Alicia McGowan
Dr. John D. McGreevey III *
Sharon McGrenrey
Christopher McGuire *
Karen McIntyre
Dan and Bayley Kind McKenna *
William Mclaughlin
Brian McNally *
Gregory J. McNally
Laura McNally *
Hugh and Kristen McStravick *
William McSwain
Marisa Montrasio
Ellis and Darcia Medoway *
Coleen M. Meehan
Sean Meehan and Diana Hu *
Nishant Mehta
Barbara and Garrett Melby
Eric and Kate Mele *
Jules and Patricia Mendelsohn
Alexsander Mendez *
Sheila Mennis
Mr. Fred C. Merkel *
Mr. Keith F. Merritt
Joseph J. Messick
Mark Messing *
James and Sandra Meyer *
Scott Michalek
Brad J. Michel *
Steven and Lesley Mignogna *
Bonnie S. Milavec
Diane Milici *
Mr. Curtis W. Miller *
Kate Miller
Randall M. Miller *
Gloria Miranda
Daniel and Leia Mita
Mr. Byron D. Moat
Gunter Moeller *
Margarita Molina *
Susan L. Momenee-Cush *
Denise Viola-Monahan
Cheryl and Rod Monkman *
Mike and Sue Moonan *
Randall Moore *
Thomas J. Moore
Thomas Moore *
Ms. Tira A. Moore
Martin Moran
Chris Morgan
Jim Morris *
David Morton *
Marc Moscatelli
Ms. Jeneice Mowad *
Gregory Moyer *
Elizabeth Anne Muirhead *
Brian Mullen
Fred and Melissa Muller
Arthur and Marie Mullin *
Keith R. Mullins
Andrew and Kelly Murphy
Christopher Murphy *
Stephanie Murphy *
Mr. Richard C. Murray *
Michael Mustokoff *
Mr. Wayne A. Myers
Steve and Linda Myrick *
Mr. Prasad V. Nagabhairava *
Richard Nagy *
Stephanie Napier *
Brian Anthony Nash *
Mr. John Natoli *
Miguel Navarro *
Mr. Michael C. Needham *
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Neff *
Lori Neff LaRue
Mr. Edward Nelling
Mr. Michael Edward Nichols *
Bill Nickerson *
Carl E. Nineve
Mr. Ronald J. Noble
Kevin Noel
Peter Nogalo
Robin Novello *
Edward and Alice Nowak
James William Nowoswiat
Tim Nugent
Kelly Nye
Shelly Oates *
Joy O’Brien
Niall J. O’Brien *
Kathy E. Ochroch and Peter W. Hilton-Kingdon
Frances O’Connor
Wendy S. O’Connor
Beatrice O’Donnell
Clark O’Donoghue *
Anthony O’Donovan *
Lewis R. Olshin
Chris Opdyke *
Nicole Orehotsky
Carol S. Orellana *
Tara Orio *
Eleanor Orlando
Jim and Sue O’Rourke *
Ms. Jacquelyn J. Orr
Sierra Ortiz *
Ms. Shameka Osborne *
Joanna Otero-Cruz
Jim O’Toole
Susan Maucher Otto *
Richard C. Padgham *
Grant and Heather Palmer
Ms. Abigail B. Pancoast *
Elise Pape *
Michael Parelli *
Melissa Paris *
J. Manly Parks
Don Parman *
Mr. Devang Patel *
Donald Paterson
Kyle and Caroline Patino
Marjie Patterson *
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Patterson *
Salvatore J. Patti
Beth Paul
Edward Paulino *
Jaime Pearlstine
Michael and Jennifer Pearson *
John J. Pease III
Michael J. Pedrick
Shannon Laura Peffer
David A. Pegues *
Claudia S. Peirce *
Ms. Trish R. Pelaschier
Lana Pellegrino
Frank Pelosi *
Sergeant Pepper
Reinaldo Perez, Jr. *
Cristina Pergament *
Michael Perno
Benjamin Persofsky and Dr. Danielle Sandsmark
Kevin and Kim Peterson *
Lou Petti *
Mr. Mark E. Phinney *
Gregory Piatek
Debra Pielack
Mr. Jody Pillard *
Craig Pinder
Ms. Veronica Pirollo
Anthony and Carolyn Piscopo
Mr. Andrew C. Pistoria
Deborah Pizarro
Michael and Michele Pizzo *
David Plotts
Lawrence and Lindsey Pockers
Jeffrey S. Pollack
Susan Poller-Newman
Mr. David C. Poniatowski *
Samantha R. Porter
Ernest M. Post, M.D. *
Erin Poteet-Desai *
Ms. Tracy Evette Pou
Mr. Earl Pough *
William and Kelley Powell *
Brian P. Powers
Bhanu Prakash *
David and Gail Pratzon *
Christina M. Pregartner *
Jim Prince *
Shannon Prown *
Frank and Kelley Pugliese
Lysa and Michael Puma *
Dalip and Sonja Puri *
Mr. Michael S. Pytlik *
Edward Quinn
Ms. Kellie A. Quinn
Kevin C. Quinn *
Kevin Quinn
Angel Quinones Cardona
Mr. Roderic Paul Quirk *
John Rader *
Stephen M. Rae *
Joseph Ragaglia
Julia Rainer
Jordan Ramos *
Erin Randolph-Williams
Mr. Vishal Ranjane *
Yuanqiao Rao *
Carl D. Rapp *
Laura A. Rapp
Ms. Miriam Ratkovicova *
Ahson Raza
John and Amy Reade
Eileen Reader
Shari Reams-Henofer
William Reckmeyer *
Dani Reed
Mrs. Brigitte M. Reeves-Jones
Mr. Robert W. Register
Esther B. Rehavi
Ms. Megan E. Reimer *
Mike and Christina Renna *
Charles H. Rexer, Jr., Ph.D.
Nathan Reyes *
Jodi Reynolds
Matthew J. Reynolds
Susan Rhoades
Matt Rhodes *
Mr. Carl Rice *
Holly Rich
Wanda Richards
Brian Richardson
Cheryl Richeal *
Jay S. Ridder
Dennis E. Riley
Kelly Riley Brown *
Erik and Jessica (Day) Ringoen
Rishta Foundation *
Jeremy Rist *
Connie Ritchey *
Mr. Joseph G. Rittenhouse, Jr. * •
David Rivera
Johnny Rivera *
Lisette Rivera-Resto *
Matthew and Brenda Robbins
Mr. John J. Roberts *
Huldah and Clark Robertson
Barbara J. Rodgers *
Bruce and Dori Rodgers *
Christopher Rodriguez *
Leonaldo Rodriguez *
Michael Rodriguez *
Victor Rodriguez *
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Roe *
Kimberly Rogers
Mr. Raymond T. Rogers, Jr. *
Lourdes Rojas
Eric Rolin *
Beth Rollins
Raquel Roman-Olmo
Scott Roney
Ms. Rebecca L. Root
Caroline Rosenberry *
Bruce A. Rosenfield and Bonnie Brier
James A. Rosenstein *
Ms. Ellen Ross *
Adam Roth
Ms. Erika L. Rothenberger *
Dan and Barbara Rottenberg *
Barry W. Rovner, MD *
Kerry Rowe
Mr. Chad J. Rubin
Robert and Lilian Rubin
John Rudolph
Andreas Ruoff *
David Rusenko
Ms. Michele Russell *
Barbara A. Ruth-Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sachs *
Katherine Sachs *
Daniel Saez Rivera *
Mrs. Nancy Saia *
Ms. Emily Salamone *
Suzette Salas *
Erin Salinger *
Sue and Richard Salkowitz *
Katherine Sampson
Anna Sanchez-Fischer
Andy Santiago *
Cheryl Santos
Kymberly Sarkos *
Valerie Scarantino
Mr. John J. Schaefer *
Mr. Dennis Schell *
Howard Scher *
Dr. Frederick J. Schindler *
John Schmidt
Jeff Schmit
Mr. Howard Schneck *
Carl and Mary Ellen Schneider *
Chip Schofield
Bridget Schoonover *
Amy Schuh *
Dan and Susan Schuller
Dr. and Mrs. Ira Schwartz *
Ellen Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel *
Melissa L. Schwarzell *
Jeff and Meg Schweitzer
Mr. Tom Scollon *
Mike Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Scott *
Kevin Scully *
Mr. Mark Seagreaves
Gary and Donna Segal
Jonathan Segal
Joanne Patricia Sekella *
Jeffrey Semmer
Saurav S. Sengupta *
Dennis Sepulveda *
Thomas and Julie Servodidio
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Shane
Andrew J. Shapren
Jason and Amy Shargel
Ms. Victoria C. Sharkey
Alice M. Sharp *
Mrs. Erika M. Shearlds-Hill
Lydia P. Sheckels
Steven Ryan Shedaker
John Sheehan *
Carla N. Shelton
Dave C. Shelton, Esq. *
Ms. Jillian M. Shelton *
Ms. Kate A. Sherlock *
Sharon and Michael Sherman
Kevin and Jaimie Shmelzer *
The Shoumer Family
Abigail Shuey
Angelo Shugart
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shuman *
Neil and Cheryl Shusterman *
Kate and Sam Sidewater *
Ms. Victoria L. Siegel *
Rob Simek *
Dr. Lee Simerman *
Wendy Simkulak *
Lisa Simms
Mark Simons *
Marion W. Sindoni
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Sinkler *
Mr. Andrew K. Slade *
Howard Slaff
Joseph Slavin *
Mr. and Mrs. David Slosberg *
Dana D. Small *
Brian Smeddy
The Smith Family Charitable Fund *
Frank and Annmarie Smith *
Mr. Robert K. Smith
Shelley R. Smith
Mr. Bryan J. Snellman *
Mrs. Allison Snyder
Angela Snyder *
Mr. Matthew Snyder
Lisa Merchan *
Mrs. Amy P. Sommer *
Cameron and John Soroko
Joanne and Anthony Soslow
Ken A. Sourjohn *
Mr. Kirk E. Soxman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Spencer
John and Lisa Spoltore *
Tilo and Debbie Spranger *
Thomas and Anne Spratt *
John Sroka *
Anne M. St. Clair *
Jeff Staas
Steve Stack and Kathleen Vick *
Lynn Stanley
Ms. Teresa D. Stanton Gee *
Robert Stark *
Brad Steadman
Jim Steigerwald
Sarah Steigerwalt
Andrea Stein
Mark N. Steinberger and Ann C. Lebowitz *
The Stephens Family *
Mr. Cory S. Sternin *
Cheryl Stichter
Michael and Leslie Stiles *
Penny Stoker
Anthony and Natalie Stone *
Kenneth and Nancy Stoops
Susan Stoudt *
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Strawbridge *
Scott Streaser
Mr. Sheldon Streeter *
Jay Strippoli
Julie Strohlein *
Mrs. Linda Marie Strom
William and Cheryl Struble *
The Strum Family Charitable Fund *
Mr. Thom Sueta *
Brandon Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan
Ms. Tamicka I. Summerville *
Jasmine E. Surti *
Mr. Steve Sweeney
Michael Swerling *
Jim Swope *
John Sykes *
Greg Szwartz
Kevin Talbot *
Tracy and Bill Talbot
Cheryl Tamasitis *
Ms. Sharon Tang
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Tannenbaum
Matthew Taylor *
Vernon Taylor *
Mr. William V. Taylor
Brian Teles
Michael L. Temin *
Thomas J. Teson
Raj Tewari *
Dick and Susan Thatcher *
Lubens Thermitus *
Kathy and Jules Thiessen
Maisha Thoms Ruff
The Thorne-Locke Charitable Fund *
Dereck Thornton *
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Thornton III *
Scott Throckmorton
V. Tolani *
Rahul Tomar *
Jose Torres *
Lester Traband *
Howard Trachtman and Ivy Gilbert
Mr. John J. Trifiletti *
James E. Turner *
Charles Twining
Elizabeth M. Uhlhorn *
Mr. Richard S. Umbrecht *
Kristina and Mark Vacha
Sheila A. Van Wicklen
Donald Vankoughnett *
Joseph and Jane Vardaro *
John Varghese *
Mr. Brian Vazifdar *
Joanna D. Vazquez
Daniel Vereb *
Brian Vesey
Dominic Vetro *
Mr. Ramesh Viswanathan *
Gloria Voight
Urlin Wade
Thomas P. Wagner *
Ms. Catherine F. Walker *
Michael Waller *
Lisa Walls
Mr. Brian F. Walsh *
Ms. Meredith B. Walsh
Mr. Stephan Walters
Mr. Kevin J. Warczyglowa *
Ms. Kieran Ward *
Peter C. Ward *
Mr. Thomas F. Ward
William Warrener *
Royce Warrick *
Matthew D. Watkins *
Rowan Watson
Christopher Daley Weatherford *
Nathan Weaver *
Shari Lynn Weaver *
William Y. Webb *
Ms. Christina D. Weible
Frank and Christine Weigert *
Mr. David A. Weinstein *
Mrs. Joanne Welsh * •
Joe Werbickas *
John Wert
Megan Weyler
Ashton and Laura White *
Jocelyn A. White
Ms. Janet A. Whitehead
Helyn Whitman *
Mr. James Whitton *
Mr. Joseph M. Whyte *
Alan Wiener
Melissa and Merritt Wikle *
Veronica Wilkins *
Kenneth F. Willey
Mr. Andre Williams
Bett Williams
Erika Williams *
Ms. Suzanne E. Williams *
Adina R. Williamson *
Joseph R. Willis
Benjamin and Stephanie Wills
Doug Wilson
Lawrence Wirth
Petter Mats Witt *
Tom and Loretta Witt *
Ms. Robyn M. Wolf *
Daniel Wolfson and Diana González Gandolfi *
Eric Woltz *
Matthew A. Woodward *
Mr. Robert G. Worstall *
Ms. Meghan Wright *
Stephanie Wurster
Priscilla Wynn-Brown
Caroline Wyspianski *
Resmi Xhelaj *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Yanoshik *
Monique Yelder
Rich Yoffee *
Ms. Carol Young
Ms. Debra Young
Doulgas Young
Miss Kelly Young
Matthew Young *
Lauren Zabinski *
Mr. William Zebrowski *
Jim Zeck
William A. Zeidner
Alan Zeiger
Xia Zhao
James W. and Debora C. Zug *
Greg Zulli *
Anonymous (102)



$1,000,000 and Above


City of Philadelphia
Deloitte LLP


$500,000 – $999,999


Comcast NBCUniversal
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Penn’s Way
William Penn Foundation


$250,000 – $499,999


Bank of America
City of Philadelphia
Comcast NBCUniversal
County of Montgomery
Duane Morris LLP
Enterprise Holdings
The Glenmede Trust Company, NA
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
TD Bank
Van Ameringen Foundation
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.




Air Products
Arkema Inc.
Enterprise Mobility
Essential Utilities
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Illinois Tool Works
Johnson & Johnson Companies
Lincoln Financial Group
M & T Bank
Nationwide Funds Group
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
Siemer Institute
Spencer Spirit Holdings, Inc.
TD Bank
Wells Fargo Company




Blank Rome LLP
The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church
Canada Life Reinsurance
Costco Wholesale
Eli Lilly & Company
Independence Blue Cross
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, LLP
Philadelphia Gas Works
Philadelphia Health Partnership
Trinseo LLC
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Univest Bank
The Vanguard Group Foundation





AmeriHealth Caritas
Aon Affinity
Baker Tilly US, LLP
Braskem America
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
Carpenter Technology Corporation
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
Citizens Bank
Connelly Foundation
Cozen O’Connor
Drexel University
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
Justi Group, Inc.
Main Line Health
Menasha Packaging Company
Parkway Corporation
Philadelphia Gear
Raymond James and Associates
Truist Bank


$10,000 – $24,999


American Water Works Company, Inc.
Arcadium Lithium
Archetype Solutions Group
Armstrong Teasdale
Athene USA
Bimbo Bakeries USA
BMO Financial Group
BNY Mellon
Capaldi Reynolds & Pelosi, PA
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
Corning Pharmaceutical Glass
Customers Bank
Diamond Credit Union
Environmental Resolutions, Inc.
Erie Insurance Group
Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP
FM Global
Fulton Bank
Global Indemnity Group
The Hartford
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company
Hersha Hospitality Management
L-3 Communications
Macquarie Group Foundation
PACCAR Financial Corporation
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
PPL Corporation
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, LLP
T.J. Maxx Headquarters
Temple University
Tompkins Community Bank
Triumph Group, Inc.
UnitedHealth Group AARP Insurance Solutions
Weis Markets, Inc.
WK Kellogg Co.


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