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Women United – COVID 19 Diaper Drive

Just ask any parent: when COVID-19 struck our communities, life as we knew it was up-ended. 

As our communities look toward the promise of reopening and a new normal, many of our neighbors, especially those disproportionately affected by the pandemic, continue to face very real, very difficult questions about their ability to navigate this incredibly challenging time: Will I have a job tomorrow? Is there enough food to feed my kids today? Where will my family sleep tonight? How am I going to meet our most basic needs?

And while we can’t solve homelessness overnight or fix the job market singlehandedly, we can rally behind our neighbors to help make sure some of their other needs are met, especially for parents of young children. 

That need frequently starts with often overlooked supplies, like diapers. Reports show that as many as one in three families do not have a sufficient supply of diapers to keep children clean, dry and healthy and some parents are even forced to leave their children in the same diaper for an entire day because they do not have access to a sufficient supply of diapers. Add a global health pandemic into the mix and the need multiplies exponentially. 

That’s why our Women United members have partnered with YWCA Tri-County on  a socially-distanced diaper drive - and you can support the drive without even leaving your couch. 

Now through June 12, click here to donate diapers and wipes to YMCA Tri-County to share with families in our region. 

As an integral part of United Way’s mission, Women United fights to empower women and families in our community to build strong, independent lives from cradle to career. For information or to join Women United, click here. 

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