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Reimaging Postsecondary Education in a COVID-19 World

United Way’s Dr. Nikia Owens, PHD, Managing Director of Financial Empowerment and Carniesha Kwashie, MS, Director, Job Opportunities Investment Network (JOIN), were recently published in the Social Innovation Journal on the importance of postsecondary education in COVID-19 recovery efforts.

(Pictured left to right: Carniesha Kwashie, Director of JOIN & Dr. Nikia Owens, Managing Director Financial Empowerment)

As unemployed Americans prepare to re-enter the job market, postsecondary education is key to competing across all industries and sectors. United Way is committed to investing in quality agencies and programs that produce measurable outcomes.

The article explores how funding programs to help individuals and families achieve financial stability creates a pipeline for postsecondary studies. It further examines United Way’s programs and the importance of ensuring our neighbors living in poverty have the upward mobility and opportunities they need to achieve success. 

To read Dr. Nikia Owens, PHD and Carniesha Kwashie, MS full article entitled “Reimagining the Role of Postsecondary Education and Its Impact on Poverty”

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This article is part of a series of lectures, presentations and other contributions as a result of both women receiving 1st place in the Social Innovation Journal’s 2020 Race and Gender Equity Innovation Awards.

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