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Pre-K works, so why not in PA?

In a study comparing 30 states, Pennsylvania ranked 18th in investing in high-quality, publicly funded Pre-K.

Research shows that quality early childhood education improves long-term academic success, and when it comes to investing in in quality pre-k programs, there is more that we can and should do to expand access to pre-k for more children.

According to the Pre-K for PA Campaign, there are more than 106,000 at-risk, eligible children in PA that could benefit from an expanded program. But to do this, lawmakers would need to increase spending to $40 million this fiscal year.

Image provided by the Pre-K for PA Campaign and Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children.

The benefits of quality pre-k are clear. Based on the results of a 2017 poll, 70 percent of the electorate believes that pre-k sets children up for long-term success in education and in their future careers. Voters also know that:

  • Investments in pre-k save taxpayer’s dollars through a reduction in specialized education programs, increased graduation rates and college enrollment
  • Children who succeed in school are less likely to commit crimes, leading to a reduction in public safety spending
  • Investments in publicly funded education provide the state with a competitive economic edge as a whole
  • Every dollar invested in a child’s academic success increases their chances of breaking free from the cycle of poverty and bolstering the economic vitality of their communities in the future

So, why not PA? Why not fight for greater investments in our state education system? Voters are eager to know. Pennsylvania can’t afford to let the window of opportunity close on the tens of thousands of its most at-risk youth.

Raise Your Voice

In the last three years, Governor Wolf and the General Assembly have made great strides in improving investments, but Pennsylvania still has a largely unmet need for expanding early education. Join the Pre-K for PA campaign to take action and raise your voice in support of the Pre-K and increasing our investment to make access to high-quality child care a priority.

Demonstrate to our elected officials that education matters. Before stepping into the booth today, know which candidates have committed to supporting investments in pre-k and be sure to contact those representatives still in office who you feel could do more.

Want to know more about expanding pre-k? Visit and raise your voice.

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