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Holman Enterprises: A Legacy of Giving Back

New hires at Holman Enterprises quickly learn that more is expected of them than dedication to the organization. Dedication to the community – in particular to Holman’s long tradition of supporting United Way – is so integral to the company’s ethos that it’s included in an orientation session for new employees.

Holman Enterprises is among the handful of corporations that are major partners with our local United Way. In the past six years alone, the company has raised nearly $10 million for United Way through employee pledges, corporate gifts, sponsorships, and workplace special events. This year marks the 75th campaign it has undertaken for United Way.

Mindy Holman, Chair of the Board and Steward’s granddaughter, said the family patriarch was one of the businessmen who helped found the Camden County chapter of the Community Chest – which became United Way.  

“While much has evolved over this time, United Way continues to offer us the best opportunity to confront the most pressing needs in our local communities,” she said. “I am personally proud to carry on the legacy of my grandfather and my dad, and also proud to see the continual and immense generosity of our people at Holman when asked to help uplift our neighbors in need.”

Mindy Holman has served on United Way's Regional Board, and also joins her employees on the front lines to pack groceries and do other tasks on the annual Days of Caring – in which, this year, over 400 Jew Jersey and Pennsylvania based employees volunteered at non-profits affiliated with United Way on a paid day of service.

“We take our annual United Way campaigns so seriously that our chair and co-chair prepare for two years,” said Ashley Shaw, Holman’s Manager of Community Affairs – and the founder’s great granddaughter. “The co-chair will become the chair after a lot of planning and preparation on top of our other jobs. It’s an honor.” 

Shaw worked at United Way as part of Holman’s program of loaning paid executives to the organization, one of the many creative ways in which Holman provides support. There’s also a silent auction, payroll deductions, and local events in which employees have fun.

Recently, for instance, a Ft. Lauderdale dealership held a fundraiser in which employees in Mario costumes had a tricycle race. Then there’s the ever-popular Pie-in-the-Face event in which $5 pays for the opportunity to smash a pie in the face of a company executive – perhaps even your boss.

Holman’s sense of creativity, spirit and family honor is also reflected in the title it gave this year’s United Way Campaign: Holman Rises. It has a special link to Joseph Holman, the founder’s son and Melinda’s father, who expanded the company’s commitment to community service when he took over. He died in December of 2019.

As Ashley Shaw explains: “We have a Holman Enterprises logo on our corporate headquarters in Mt. Laurel. A family friend who drove up from Virginia to attend the funeral drove by the building after the services to show her children. She took a photograph of our lighted sign, but some of the lights were out, so it said, ‘Holman Rises.’

“We feel like it was a sign from my grandfather, Jo-Jo, that we’re going to go on and do great things together,” Shaw said – especially with United Way.


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