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Family Empowerment Program

Ensuring families have the resources to establish and maintain upward mobility  

Building stability, one family at a time—because when parents thrive, so do their children.

The Family Empowerment Program (FEP), affiliated with the Siemer Institute’s Family Stability program, ensures families have the resources to establish and maintain income, housing and education with a two-generation approach. In partnership with the Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) and Creative Health Services, FEP offers financial support, case management, coaching and other services to stabilize families at-risk of eviction and homelessness. 

You can make a difference in breaking the cycle of poverty by helping local families secure safe and stable housing through financial assistance, budget coaching, job training and whole-family support.

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Family Empowerment Program

The Family Empowerment Program ensure families have the resources to establish and maintain income, housing, and education with a two-generation approach.


Families served 


Almost 1,000 children served 


Counties served (Philadelphia & Montgomery)

FY 2021

Program Overview

Serving families with at least one school-aged (including Pre-K) child under the age of 18 in the home and at risk of homelessness, the Family Empowerment Program provides families with: 

  • Case management and coaching; offering financial and other material assistance
  • Connections to strategic partnerships with schools and local service providers
  • Tools, assessments and data to evaluate family needs and progress
  • Structures that support the ability to access and secure living-wage employment—allowing more opportunities for families to survive, thrive, and raise their children within the community
  • Access to financial knowledge and products that safeguard income and lower cost of living—enabling families to forge a stable and predictable financial life
  • On-going coaching to accumulate and maintain assets that gain value in order to advance community prosperity over time
The Family Empowerment Program aims to eliminate poverty by using a two-generation approach. When parents have access to reliable and safe housing,
children have more opportunities to thrive.
- Dr. Mariama Grimes

How can I access services?

The Family Empowerment Program serves targeted families to prevent homelessness. The program focuses on families who need the following:

  • Homeownership Counseling 
  • Advancement of education and job readiness for parents through the Siemer programs
  • Vocational opportunities  

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