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United for Change, United2Feed

Bob Skowrowski of AmeriHealth Caritas thought he was in trouble when a voice behind him at the refreshment table shouted, “You can’t have that coffee!” But when he turned around, he realized that voice was coming from his daughter, Hannah.

“We never expected to see each other at United2Feed,” said Bob. “When she got to registration, she couldn’t understand why my name was on the list until she saw me. And after that, she was smiling the whole time.”

Hannah, who was volunteering at United Way’s United2Feed event with her company, Arkema, has a long history of giving back. And her dad admitted he’s learned a thing or two from his daughter about the value of giving what you can to make a difference for others.

“Since she was a teen, Hannah has donated blood to the American Red Cross. It took me years, but watching her give again and again inspired me to step up and donate, too. That’s why seeing Hannah at United2Feed was such an amazing experience—because being proud goes in both directions.”

At United2Feed, Bob, Hannah and 500 other volunteers joined forces to fight for stronger, healthier communities by packing 120,000 meals for 8,000 families in our region.

And on the food packing lines, Bob and Hannah experienced what it meant to be part of one unit working toward the same goal. Each volunteer depended on the next to keep food moving down the table, into the boxes, and out to food partners’ trucks to be distributed to local families in need.

After seeing the value of his volunteerism firsthand with his daughter, Bob knows that driving measureable, lasting Impact requires each and every one of us to come together.

“It’s not just the older generation teaching the younger generation—it’s all of us learning from each other and reminding each other that we have a responsibility to give what we can to drive real change.”

Join us to live United2Feed!

  • Give to the Impact fund to help change lives and strengthen communities.
  • Advocate for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a common sense tax break that helps workers who struggle to get by pay for the basics – like transportation to get to work and childcare.
  • Volunteer with one of our food partners.

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