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Win a Virtual Hangout with a Philadelphia Eagle

Dear friends,

I’m a football guy. For 16 weeks every year, I share the highs of the wins and the lows of the losses with my two young sons. We don our midnight green jerseys and yell and cheer at the television as if we are on the field ourselves, like we are members of the team.

Retired Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Chris Long said that Philadelphia is the “best sport city in America.” He wasn’t the first to say it and he certainly won’t be the last – because it is simply the truth.

Would you like to meet two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long? What would you ask him if you had the chance?

What about rookie Safety K’Von Wallace? What would you ask him as gears up for his first season with the Philadelphia Eagles?

Well, today you have the chance!

Click here to make a donation of $10 or more and you could win a private 30 minute Q&A with Chris or K’Von. All funds raised will support COVID-19 relief in our region. The deadline to enter is this Sunday, May 31.

Please consider supporting your neighbors and families in this region by taking advantage of this rare opportunity to get an insider look at the life of a professional football player.

Bill Golderer
President and CEO



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