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Be True to You: Bridging CSR and Your Organization

We all want our region to be a place where people want to live, work and raise their families and it takes each of us to reach that goal. At United Way, we know that corporations and organizations, in particular, have the unique opportunity to leverage the talent and passions of their employees. And when employees are motivated to unite around common causes through corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, the company doesn’t just benefit – our immediate communities thrive as well.

So what key components help CSR strategies take off and drive the most impact, from the workplace to the community?

  • Focusing on team-building: Retain and recruit top talent and foster a sense of community among colleagues through a team-oriented CSR strategy. Check out our corporate volunteer opportunities to find the best match for your company.
  • Making CSR family-friendly: Your employees may want to spend their volunteer time giving back with loved ones but might not know how to find the balance between school and work schedules. Our volunteer portal can help individuals filter through opportunities that suit their needs.
  • Choosing projects that highlight your organization’s goals: Is your organization all about helping break the cycles of poverty? You may want to join us for volunteer opportunities like United2Feed! When you pick a cause that’s authentic to your brand, you’ll encourage your employees to rally around a cause they’re passionate about and you’ll show the community that your CSR strategy is part of a genuine effort to create positive change.

No matter which route you travel, a CSR strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our United Way helps companies build or leverage their CSR strategies and each approach varies. Whether companies are especially interested in engaging their young professionals through our affinity group Project NEXT or bringing their business closer to nonprofit communities through our Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council, finding the right CSR strategy for your organization is about staying true to your mission.

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