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Give Local: The Power of a Workplace Campaign

For decades, companies large and small have teamed with United Way to offer their employees the opportunity to conveniently give to local nonprofits through annual workplace campaigns. United Way’s workplace campaigns do more than just raise money for worthy causes – they also strengthen connections between employees and create opportunity for teams to work towards meaningful community change 

As our region continues to rebuild and recover, there’s never been a more important time to encourage philanthropic giving. That’s why this year’s campaign encourages us all tuse this moment to create a movement.

As we continue to kick-off our workplace campaigns, we're incredibly grateful to our corporate partners who support their employees with an easy, efficient and powerful way to give back. In fact, many people may not know that our United Way also runs our own annual workplace campaign.  This year, we had 100% participation and raised nearly $75,000 in employee donations: a 13% increase from last year’s 2019 donations. Our small but mighty team rose to the moment and we couldn’t be prouder.  

Interested in running your own workplace campaign? It’s easy!  

How do I get started? We make it simple by providing full support including an easy-to-use campaign toolkit to help ensure both a smooth and successful campaign. To learn more, reach out to Jane Grabias at .    

How does it work? We connect directly with your HR department to make giving easy. For example – an employee at a company fills out a pledge form or EZ Pledge to give $1,000 to The Impact Fundor to a designated local nonprofit of their choiceover the course of year. This translates to around $39 per biweekly paycheck. Since the process is coordinated directly through Human Resources, keeping track of employee contributions is easy and saves your organization time and money.  

Why the workplace? Peer influence is a strong motivator and a great place for people to get ideas from trusted sources. Plus, it helps builds a sense of togetherness to combat remote work fatigue 

No matter how you choose to give, your impact makes a difference. We encourage you to learn more and join a growing network of local organizations large and small who are committed to meaningfully and measurably reducing poverty in our region. 

This year, more than ever, our community needs your support. 


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