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What Else Can We Do to Help?

What else can we do to help is what Dionne and Kris ask themselves every year when launching into a new Workplace Campaign season. 

Going above and beyond is how they operate at Kimberly-Clark (K-C), a mostly-paper-based personal care producer of brands like Kleenex® and Huggies®.

In their day jobs, Kris serves as supply chain capability and training consultant and Dionne is senior engineering manager. Additionally, the two are members of United Way’s local Delaware County Board and have served as Employee Campaign Co-Chairs for eight years. According to Kris, “the key to a successful Workplace Campaign is creating a sense of community and belonging.”


“The key to a successful Workplace Campaign is creating a sense of community and belonging.”


Mix in some entertainment, information sessions, and incentives, and you’re set. From their work campus in Chester, PA, the two organize a health and wellness fair for K-C employees each season.

“To raise funds, cases filled with K-C products are sold to staff for just five dollars—all to benefit United Way,” said Dionne. “At the fair, we offer shots for COVID, the flu, and shingles … some mental health breaks with games and massage therapy. Plus, speakers from community-based organizations visit to share information about their work.”

“This part is essential,” said Kris. “It’s like a light switch for some to hear what their donations support: other people—other families—in this community. It really earns trust.”

As a result of their work, around 70 percent of the K-C team gives through the workplace campaign, totaling nearly $188,000!

“This really keeps me engaged with my work,” Dionne added. “Being able to leverage K-C’s commitment to community excites me because I know it truly does help.”

Historically, the region’s workforce has provided tremendous support to United Way. Workforce partners champion our mission, cultivate corporate philanthropy, and heighten senses of pride in workplace.

For their partnership—and for Dionne and Kris—we could not be more grateful.

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