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Weekend Picks: Thanksgiving Edition

POSTED 9:00 AM, NOVEMBER 23, 2017, BY 

So you’re full from your Thanksgiving feast but still have the whole weekend ahead… what do you do? This Thanksgiving edition of Weekend Picks has you covered from recreating those leftovers to continuing family time.

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the biggest feasts of the year but did you know there are many parts of the meal you would never think to utilize? Our friends at Greensgrow Farms invited us into their Saint Michael's Church Community Kitchen to learn more about sustainably preparing our meal. They suggest taking the things that you usually discard and turn it into something wonderful. Turn it into your next meal for the next week. Recycle all parts of the food items... from the stems of broccoli, to the seeds, to the bones of the chicken.

Chef Carolynn Angle says to get creative. Think of making a stock from all the recyclables. Take your leftover potatoes and make croquettes. Or even incorporate all the leftovers into a delicious casserole. The food of Thanksgiving "just blends, it all really complements one another because the flavor profiles of fall food is just earthy, it’s warm. It’s meant to be eaten together, it’s designed for that. A bit of this and a bit of that... It all tastes delicious.”

A lot of families are making volunteering part of their holiday traditions, but with so many options available, United Way has created a perfect pairing for the holiday season and beyond. They are playing matchmaker between nonprofits' holiday-specific needs and volunteer skills by helping fill the gap.

Fran Wise, Impact Manager at United Way, says that there is a tremendous need for volunteers by all the agencies in our region.  Their Holiday Network creates an easy way for individuals to access all volunteer opportunities based on their preferences.

"The agency puts their opportunity up on our website and then individuals can go directly there as opposed to having to call the agency or drop by places like the Food Bank of South Jersey and see when they can volunteer.”

You can check out United Way's Holiday Network portal at

And finally we have to talk Black Friday shopping! The historic town of Haddonfield invites you to take a stroll down Haddon Ave for candlelight shopping  and holiday festivities.  And when you shop downtown… you’re supporting all of their great small businesses.

The town has it all to get you in the holiday spirit...twinkling lights, carriage rides, live entertainment as well as the official lighting of their 60-foot holiday tree. It's a fifteen year old tradition, for more info hear over to

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