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LIVING UNITED: The Journey of a Life-Long Supporter


“I have been a donor of United Way, or as we used to call it ‘The Community Chest’, since college. When I was moved to Philadelphia to Chair Mellon Bank, I became more actively engaged with our local United Way. Shortly after, I became Chair of the Corporate Giving Division and in 1989, I became Chair of the Annual Campaign. To this day, I’m still proud of our accomplishment of raising $58 million that year.

In August 1989, I retired from Mellon Bank and spent most of my free time working closely on United Way’s Annual Campaign. In 1990, as an active volunteer, I was approached by the Board to work for United Way. While I enjoyed my retirement and being a volunteer, my daughters insisted that the best way to create lasting change would be to join the organization from the inside. They were right!

For the next three years, I worked as United Way’s SVP of Resource Development and donated my salary back to the organization. In the following years, I held different roles including leading outreach efforts to grow our Tocqueville Society, and I’m pleased to say that we grew the largest chapter in the US. I also had the pleasure of hiring and serving alongside President and CEO Christine James-Brown, who then became President and CEO of United Way International and now serves as the President and CEO of the Child Welfare League of American (CWLA).

I have now worked for United Way for 31 years, as a staff member, management, team participant, board member, and volunteer. I love United Way – its employees, donors, and board members – but especially its mission of helping those who need help the most in our community. Our vision is to save and change lives.

I have given up trying to retire, because there’s still so much we can accomplish by LIVING UNITED and addressing the pressing problems poverty has created in our communities.”


Follow along with our year-long #StrongerTogetherSeries as we feature insights and personal stories of the very people and bodies of work that have made us 100-years strong.

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