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How will you give this #GivingTuesday?

You roasted a turkey. You savored mashed potatoes and pie. You watched football, created new memories with friends and family, and shopped ‘til you dropped. 

And now, it’s your chance to give. 


Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement started in 2012 to encourage people to do good and get involved in their communities. 

And this year, we’re partnering with WXPN and Subaru to make sure kids in our region can build at-home libraries with engaging, age-appropriate books that help foster a love of reading and give them the start they need to thrive in school and beyond. For every donation made to WXPN now through the end of the day December 3, WXPN  and Subaru will donate five age-appropriate books to our United Way to fuel our work to build home libraries for kids in need. 

Supporting early education work is an essential element of our mission to meaningfully and measurably reduce poverty in our communities. We believe that people - including even our youngest students - are our region’s single most valuable resource, and we’re determined to do our part to help unlock their full potential. Because we know that when people’s talents, skills and potential are reached, our whole community grows stronger. 

When our students start their education careers off right, they are more likely to succeed academically. So we drive resources into work that ensures students have access to a quality education right from the start, and empowers them to start school ready to learn. We also make sure they hit key learning benchmarks – like reading at grade-level by the end of third grade, a leading predictor of high school graduation – and ensure that parents have the resources they need to embrace their role as their children’s first teachers. And we make sure that when students are out of the classroom, they have access to programs that enrich their lives, stimulate their brains and keep them out of trouble. And at-home libraries, full of books that engage imaginations and stimulate learning, put kids in our community on that path. 

Looking for other ways to get involved? #GivingTuesday is about more than just giving money - it’s a time to make a commitment to give back to your community in anyway that resonates with you. 

    • Give your time and get involved. 
    • Visit our Volunteer Portal to find local volunteer opportunities in your community
    • Learn more about opportunities to get involved and get back through Women United
  • Raise your voice for issues that matter to our community. 
    • The 2020 Census is critical to ensuring our community gets the Federal resources it deserves - but we’re at risk for a significant undercount. Take the Be Counted pledge and learn how you can volunteer to increase awareness of the importance of the Census. 
    • The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is hailed as our nation’s greatest anti-poverty tool - and in 2018, the EITC helped lift millions of American’s out of poverty. Ask Congress to expand EITC so more working Americans can keep more of what they earn. 

We do the work that we do because we envision a future where every person in every community has the opportunity to thrive. We do it to see the ripple effect of the lives that change. We do it because we know each and every one of us will be better off as a result. But we can only do this with the power hand of hand raisers, game changers and movement makers, just like you. Whether you give your time, talent or voice this #GivingTuesday, thank you for all the ways you support our work to fight poverty and create a community where every person in every zip has the chance to thrive.

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