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Celebrating the Power of Partnership

Change isn't something we create all on our own, especially when the goal of the change is as complex and multi-faceted as ending poverty. It takes more than one organization’s vision and resources to make tangible inroads in the fight for equity and opportunity: it takes deep commitment, ongoing partnerships and the pursuit of innovation to truly make a difference in our community, and the lives of the people who call our region home.

On April 4, Mayor Kenney invited our team to take part in Philadelphia’s annual Mayor's Day of Service Recognition awards to tip our hats to just a few of the partners who make our work possible. We are proud to salute these community champions and acknowledge the time, talent and treasure that they each put into answering the call and joining our fight to end poverty.

Award for Excellence – UGI/AmeriGas
In celebration of "decades of collaboration and mutual trust," we are proud to recognize UGI/AmeriGas as our 2018 Award for Excellence honoree. There are so many elements to our partnership, and we're grateful for the many ways we work with UGI/AmeriGas to end poverty and create opportunity for more people. Thank you to John Walsh, the leadership at UGI/AmeriGas and the many employees who stand up for our community and invest in our work.

Southeastern PA Volunteer of the Year – Chris Bruner
With three decades of volunteerism under his belt, Chris has been a significant force behind our United Way’s work. From stints on the finance committee, to chairing our campaign cabinet and committing years of service on the Board of Directors, Chris’ involvement is a testament to his belief in the potential of our community, our ability to meet our region’s challenges and his own commitment to helping improve the lives of others.

John C. Haas Regional Champion Medal – Mike DiCandilo
Another long-time volunteer who has served on our Board of Directors for more than a decade, Mike stepped up in the fall of 2017 to serve as our “part-time, interim, volunteer CEO.” His unwavering leadership provided cohesion and vision for staff and volunteers during a months-long search for a permanent CEO. During that time, his unshakable faith in United Way’s work and the team’s ability to deliver on that work provided an inspiration and motivation that is still felt among staff and volunteers today.

Partnerships like these are what make our work a reality and we celebrate all the partners who come together to help end poverty.Thank you for Living United with us!

Check out our highlight video, showcasing how these champions make a difference in our community.

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