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Happy Spring. We're sure you are just as excited as we are to see the grass and warm weather again! We hope the recent GPCVC programs have been useful and informative for you professionally and personally. One of our favorite highlights was the recent discussion about ways to communicate the important work we're doing and really tell our volunteerism "story" both to our internal colleagues and to our external constituents.

We look forward to a full slate of Spring programs including skills-based volunteering, opportunities for corporate volunteers to partner with the School District of Philadelphia and how corporations can utilize United Way's new volunteer web portal. We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events! If you have any questions or concerns, contact GPCVC's Manager, Kate Laepple Hertzog, at khertzog@uwgpsnj.org.

Thank you for your commitment to improving our community every day and sharing your thoughts and best practices with us, so we can drive Impact in our region together.

Eden Kratchman Debbie O'Brien
Co-Chair, GPCVC Steering Committee Co-Chair, GPCVC Steering Committee
ACE Group Bank of America

5 Insights from the recent roundtable: Episodic Days of Service

On March 25, GPCVC members addressed planning and implementing a successful episodic day of service. Here are 5 insights from the discussion:

  1. Understand the needs of your partner agency. Connect the mission of the agency back to your volunteers and ask the agency to have representatives onsite during your volunteer day to answer questions and speak to the mission.
  2. Appoint a project leader. Projects can get challenging when organizing volunteers. This is an excellent opportunity to allow more junior employees to showcase their leadership skills.
  3. Visit the site of the project prior to the event so you can communicate parking, restroom, directions and safety information in advance of the volunteer day.
  4. Ensure there is enough work to fill the time. Plan extra activities if volunteers finish early. Make the most of your volunteer day.
  5. Thank your volunteers. Send out certificates or thank you notes after the event to remind employees how much their hard work meant to the agency and the company.
How to Tell Your Story in 8 Steps

On February 25, GPCVC members swapped learnings and ideas about how to communicate their corporate social responsibility goals. Here's just some of what we learned:

  1. When communicating your CSR goals internally, get buy-in from senior leadership - display photos of executives volunteering, make the case for less staff turnover and happier employees, get on the agenda of executive-level meetings, and measure the effectiveness of your goals.
  2. Tier your CSR programs and determine how each tier should be promoted internally and externally based on your organizational goals.
  3. Abide by the marketing "Rule of Seven" and ensure your staff hear or see the marketing message about your CSR goals at least seven times before they truly understand and participate.
  4. Use personal stories to communicate CSR programs and develop push/pull marketing tactics.
  5. The best case scenario for your company may be to use a combination of dedicated communications channels and company-wide channels to communicate your CSR programs.
  6. Use statistics to make the case for CSR goals, such as "millennials who have never even volunteered before are more likely to choose a company who has strong CSR goals compared to a company that does not."
  7. Skills-based volunteering not only helps nonprofits or the community, but also has a ripple effect back to the company in helping employees think more creatively about their jobs.
  8. Put your CSR message where employees already go and make it easy for staff to participate, such as on the company intranet or pay stub electronic system.

Program Preview:

Please join the GPCVC for our upcoming events. Official invitations with additional information will follow shortly.

April 30: United Way's Volunteer Web Portal
May 21: Moving to Skills-Based Volunteering: How to Make it Happen
June 10: Update with the School District of Philadelphia's Office of Strategic Partnership
July 13: National Trends in Corporate Volunteering
Get Involved in the GPCVC

If you are interested in becoming a member of the GPCVC or attending an informative roundtable, please visit our website or contact Kate Laepple Hertzog at khertzog@uwgpsnj.org. Share valuable insights on your employee engagement program by following @phillysjunited on Twitter using #GPCVC.


United Way graciously thanks our
2014-15 sponsors:

GPCVC Member Spotlight: Jan Waldauer, Quaker Chemical

Jan holds a dual role at Quaker Chemical and is responsible for CSR (including community engagement) as well as internal communication. Quaker Chemical is a leading global provider of process fluids, chemical specialties, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries. Headquartered in Conshohocken, Quaker serves businesses worldwide with a network of dedicated and experienced professionals whose mission is to make a difference.

How do you/Quaker Chemical decide on community initiatives / programs / partners?

Quaker surveys our associates to learn what types of activities and organizations most interest them. We look at nonprofits that receive grants from The Quaker Chemical Foundation to see if they also have volunteer needs and therefore strengthen our ties to these organizations. As a knowledge-sharing company providing technical expertise to our customers and industries, Quaker is also focused on education in our communities. Skills-based volunteering is a logical next step in our education focus.

What challenges do you face in terms of employee participation in volunteerism?

Time! I think most associates want to join colleagues to volunteer during the workday, but they just can't spare 4 or 8 hours to go offsite. So we also look for activities to bring to our sites during lunchtime. Making snack packs for Meals on Wheels or wrapping books for school children are examples of successful lunchtime events to date.

How does Quaker Chemical encourage its employees to get involved? Do you have an example of how you motivate your employees to give back?

We motivate and promote our employees to give back in a couple of ways. Quaker's Formula for Giving volunteer program offers associates 2 full paid days off per year to volunteer in a local community. Photos from these events are posted on an internal site and a year-end email promotion is sent to all employees with program stats. Senior management is on board - which is crucial. When associates see our CEO packing boxes at a local food bank, they know it's encouraged to take time off and volunteer themselves. Additionally, the Quaker Chemical Foundation offers matching gifts for donations made by associates, retirees and Board members. We periodically remind associates via email about this offer.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from being part of the GPCVC?

I'm not alone! As a department of one, I find the GPCVC to be a great resource to meet others in the volunteer space. No matter the size or scope of a company's community engagement program, we all face similar challenges and can learn from one another.

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