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Helping individuals and families build assets and income

Low-income families face especially high barriers in building assets and developing wealth.

These barriers to building assets are partly due to challenges with accessing capital, labor market segregation, and extractive practices and policies. This is especially evident for communities of color. By starting a United Way-supported Lubert IDA Program, individuals can build their assets through matched savings for homeownership, post-secondary education, and small business expansion.

A gift to United Way can help a family purchase their first home, get an education or grow their business.

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How does the Lubert IDA Program help families achieve lifelong economic stability?

By creating a matched savings program to build wealth and assets.

Now in its 5th year, the Lubert IDA program is one of the most important initiatives in our region to decrease the wealth gap while allowing individuals and families to become more financially secure.


has been saved by the over 1,000 individuals and families who have participated in the program.


individuals can match their savings 3:1 to purchase new, first home (save $2,000, match $4,000)   


individuals can match their savings 3:1 toward post secondary education (save $1,000, match $3,000) 


small businesses can match their savings 2:1 to help their business be successful (save $1,500, match $3,000) 


Homeownership is a major vehicle for building wealth and economic mobility. It’s an important way for low-income families to build wealth and yield positive social outcomes for years to come.

The Lubert IDA Homeownership Program helps individuals and families purchase their first home through a 2:1 savings match. You save $2,000, and we match $4,000.

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It wasn’t always easy, but thanks to United Way and Mr. Ira Lubert’s support of the IDA program, my family has a
safe place to call home.

– Ricknel


From job creation to providing vital goods and services, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. To help start and grow these essential businesses, the Lubert IDA Small Business Ownership Program offers entrepreneurs a 2:1 match. You save $1,500, and we match $3,000.

In partnership with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and other partners, this program allows small businesses to purchase equipment and other necessities to help their business grow.

Learn more and apply today.


Education opens doors and opportunities. The Lubert IDA Post-Secondary Education Program provides a powerful incentive for individuals by matching their savings for education 3:1. You save $1,000, and we match $3,000.

Those who participate in the Lubert IDA Post-Secondary Education Program have been shown to enroll in and complete post-secondary education programs at a higher rate than their peers.

Learn more and apply today.

This program really taught me to plan and make sure that I get to the bank every single month and deposit a very doable amount of money. I learned saving
 pays off in the future. 

– Xiaoying Wu, Student at Drexel University


Thank you to our partners

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is proud to spearhead this invaluable initiative helping people across our region.

We serve as the coordinator and provide management and oversight in partnership with our partners, who provide one-on-one case management, financial education and asset-specific counseling for participants.

Special Acknowledgment:

A special thank you to Ira Lubert for his generous gift and endowment to the Lubert IDA program to continue opening doors to individuals and families now and in the future.

Community Partners: 

  • Achievability
  • Bridges to Wealth
  • Campaign for Working Families
  • Ceiba
  • Clarifi
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • HACE
  • Open Hearth
  • Pierce College
  • UESF
  • WORC
  • Media Fellowship House