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Lauren Hurtt SJI

Steps to Planning a Successful Campaign

An effective campaign starts with a great plan! From gathering a committee to hosting an event to scheduling communications, with the right tools, every campaign chair can achieve success!  Below are some helpful steps and links to guide your planning.

1. Recruit a Campaign Team

Invite members with diverse skills from multiple departments to join your committee, including younger and newer employees who may be new to the campaign but want to make a difference.

    Pro-tip: Secure leadership support to establish buy-in and have your executive team recognize committee members for going the extra mile!

2. Set a Goal

Analyze giving history, assess current workplace dynamics and set an aggressive, but achievable, goal. Consider a financial goal, a participation target, and an Impact Fund goal. A shared goal is an important way to increase engagement and participation in the campaign.

3. Create the Plan

Choose a fun theme that connects back to your organization and United Way’s work in the community. From there, create a simple message, outline a plan and think about what success looks like at your workplace.

    Pro-tip: Consider the Impact your organization can make in the community. Many successful campaigns connect their organization’s corporate social responsibility goals to their United Way campaigns!

Now that your plan is in place, it’s time to Inspire Giving!