Find Your Local United Way

Larry Benjamin Trinseo


As an Employee Campaign Chair, you join the ranks of hundreds of employees who are taking a lead role as United Way ambassadors within companies and organizations across the region.  Inspiration is a key ingredient when asking your co-workers to give back to the community.

Use these tools and resources to help inspire your colleagues to give.

Kick-off: launch the campaign with excitement!

Draw attention to the campaign with an event that brings your campaign theme to life. Here are some resources to get you started:

    Pro-tip: Invite leadership donors and potential leadership donors to a special event with your CEO! Thank them for previous support and encourage them to give generously and help set a strong pace for the campaign. Leaders lead!

Ask, ask and ask again!

One of the primary reasons that people don’t give, is that they were never asked. Utilize the following resources to invite everyone to participate:

    Pro-Tip:  Recruit and train campaign champions to serve as ambassadors.  They can follow-up with people in their department or work area and help answer questions. 

Communicate, communicate & communicate more!

Help people learn about United Way and the Impact of their gifts. Use multiple communication techniques that you know are effective for your workplace. Emails, voicemails, time on agendas in department meetings, or simply just talking up the campaign around the office, can all be effective ways to spread the word! Here are some resources available to you for this purpose:

So the campaign is in full swing…make sure to Engage Your Team through volunteerism and advocacy!