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“Empowering the next generation of female leaders!

The Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow (GTLT) program was introduced by United Way’s Women’s Leadership Initiative as a way to empower underserved women and girls in the Southeastern PA region.

When young girls in low-performing schools are exhibiting at-risk behaviors before 7th grade, GTLT steps in and helps to guide them back on track to high school graduation. Through a focus on personal goals and achievement, each GTLT participant outlines their path to college and career through the support of their peers.

Since inception in 2007, 400 girls have completed the GTLT program.

Key Focus Areas

  • Building Confidence. GTLT helps manage high school expectations and social pressures guiding positive choices and course selections.
  • Preparing for College. GTLT focuses on strong study habits and academic support, as well as college tours, help with applications and financial aid processes.
  • Providing Options for a Career. GTLT offers career speakers, job shadowing, internships, resume and interview skill-building to help connect girls to career options.
  • Testing for Success. GTLT provides support and strategies for successful testing, essay writing, ACT and SAT preparedness, and tutoring assistance.
  • Promoting Service. GTLT encourages community service through an annual Martin Luther King Day of Service project and more!

GTLT creates Impact! See for yourself.


“After being bullied by girls in my school, I became bitter and distant, so much so that my teachers became worried about my behavior and decided to see if I could become a part of Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow. Since starting this program, my life has changed for the better. Rather than get mad when I see people mistreating others, I step up and speak out against unfair behavior. Because of GTLT, I have been empowered to make a difference when I can and this will be important as I work to do well in school.”Tatyana, a member of Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow since 2011


Each fall, Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow holds a retreat, bringing together participants, Impact Partner agencies and volunteers for a day filled with team-building, self-development and goal-setting activities. The 2016-17 GTLT Retreat will be held on September 17-18, 2016 at Fellowship Farms. See the impact of the 2013 GTLT Retreat.