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GPCVC Members


Becoming a member of the GPCVC will provide your company with the resources to build and maintain a successful employee engagement program, as well as opportunities for you to share your successes and lessons learned. In addition, membership in the GPCVC will:

  • Provide an opportunity for employees to volunteer, which improves recruitment and retention especially among Millennials;
  • Enhance employee morale, loyalty and productivity;
  • Give employees a new perspective and stimulate creativity by working with nonprofits under added constraints and with limited resources.

The GPCVC holds programs throughout the year focusing on best practices as well as issue areas and employee engagement trends that are important to members.  The GPCVC is a great way to learn about community needs and network with colleagues.  View a current membership list.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the GPCVC, complete the application below or join us at a future meeting.

*Please note that membership in the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council is limited to corporate entities that currently have or are interested in having an employee engagement program.*