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When thinking long-term, it can be hard to envision actually reaching an end goal. United Way knows that sometimes all someone needs is a little support. Through our Impact Fund and the Lubert IDA Program we do just that.

The Lubert IDA Program is a savings program that helps working individuals save for post-secondary education, their small business or their first home; assets that will help secure their long-term financial stability and security. By matching the investments of participants, we help them to establish a pattern of regular saving. We also provide participants with financial education, covering topics such as establishing good credit, budgeting and long-term money management skills.

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How it Works

  • For every $1 saved toward education expenses, United Way will match $4. IDA participants can save up to $1,000 which is eligible for $4,000 in matching dollars for a total of $5,000 toward post-secondary education.
  • For every $1 saved to purchase a home or for small business expansion, United Way will match $2. IDA participants can save up to $2,000 which is eligible for $4,000 in matching dollars for a total of $6,000 toward the purchase of a first home or expanding a small business.

“Investing in education, home ownership and small business expansion have proven benefits for individuals, families and communities. I am proud to partner with United Way to help ensure that adults across our region have the chance to learn critical skills, gain tools to improve their lives and achieve financial independence.” - Ira M. Lubert, Founder, United Way’s Lubert IDA Program

Since the program’s inception in 2002:

  • Participants have saved more than $737,000, which has been matched by nearly $2.4 million
  • More than 600 individuals have graduated from the program
  • Of the graduates, more than 400 participants have saved toward post-secondary education; and
  • Nearly 200 participants have purchased homes