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Julie Roehrig

By Julie Roehrig

When passion meets engagement - a match made for Impact!

Fri, February 12, 2016

Sometimes getting involved in the community reads a little like a personal ad:
    Passionate lover of books, art and education seeks a meaningful connection to get involved, or
    Driven and involved social networker seeks purpose and focus to make a difference.
Rather than playing the volunteer field, both those looking to channel their passions or those looking to commit to a meaningful and satisfying cause can turn to United Way for the real deal. From volunteering to read to children to reviewing applications for funding, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey can be the perfect matchmaker to help connect people to their passion and get them engaged in the community. Make your next volunteer experience more than a fling – try out these tips to ignite your passion and improve your community.

    1) Think outside the (chocolate) box. Volunteering can be more than raking leaves or cleaning up. Nonprofits need skilled volunteers to provide professional services – like graphic design or event planning – that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

    2) Love what you’re doing. Volunteering is more rewarding when it connects to your interests and passions. Love reading? Share that love with a classroom of preschoolers. Tech savvy? Help a nonprofit with their IT needs.

    3) Don’t move too fast. Give yourself time to explore different opportunities before making a significant commitment of time, energy or money. Too often volunteers get deterred from continuing their service because of one “bad date”, so try out options until you find the right connection.

    4) Make it a relationship. Use your network for good and develop connections with others who share your interest in making a difference. Working together, we can drive measurable lasting Impact that none of us can achieve alone.

Looking for your ideal volunteer match? Find the perfect opportunity to make a difference here.