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Chris Major

By Chris Major

Tackling Global Change Locally

Tue, March 21, 2017

GPCVC Members at Impact 2030 Mapping Session

Can corporate volunteering really change the world and build a brighter future?

United Way believes we can. Together, achieving global goals like ending poverty or fighting inequality don’t have to be as daunting as they may seem. Systemic change and a better tomorrow can start locally, right here in our community. When people in our immediate community thrive, the impact spreads to others in neighboring communities, counties, states and even countries, leaving all of us better off.

That’s a lesson many of our corporate partners have learned as they seek to align their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement efforts to not only meet business objectives but also build stronger, more sustainable communities and maximize impact.

That’s the same motivation behind the United Nations Impact 2030 initiative, which leverages the power of employee volunteer programs to support Global Goals for Sustainable Development. By aligning companies and their local employee volunteer efforts with global goals, the initiative strives to create real and sustainable change by 2030.

And now, the Greater Philadelphia Corporate Volunteer Council (GPCVC) is poised to lead that change. The GPCVC, which is driven by United Way and is comprised of nearly 40 notable member corporations including Vanguard, Comcast Corporation and Independence Blue Cross, has been selected to serve as the Regional Lead for the United Nations Impact 2030 Action Team.

What does that mean locally? The GPCVC will leverage its position as Philadelphia’s leading corporate engagement and collective impact expert to help members and other local businesses align their volunteer and CSR programs with Impact 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals and build shared metrics and best practices for maximum impact in our region. As the Regional Lead, the GPCVC will convene and oversee the local Action Team, comprised of stakeholders from private and public sectors. That coordination means maximum impact: by utilizing our existing framework and identifying best practices that drive local work on these global goals.

Is your company interested in joining the local Action Team? Contact Chris Major at For more information about the GPCVC, click here.