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Jim Cawley

By Jim Cawley

FOX29 School Supply Drive with United Way and Cradles to Crayons

Tue, August 30, 2016

Jim Cawley and Michael Smith pose with child at school supply drive

Back to school season is upon us, and parents and students everywhere are preparing for the annual migration back to the classroom. However, for many families, purchasing pens, paper and other much-needed supplies is simply beyond reach. Why? The average cost of preparing a student for a new school year is more than $600, and $100 of that cost is for a backpack and supplies. For families struggling to make ends meet, that $100 price tag could mean deciding between putting food on the table and sending a child to school equipped with the tools they need to learn.

It’s common sense: kids who believe they can achieve will do just that. But we can’t improve the quality of education for more children from cradle to career when too many children in our communities lack the supplies they need to feel confident, to actively engage and learn.

That’s why on Friday morning, community members took a stand for sending kids to school prepared to succeed and joined us and Cradles to Crayons for the FOX29 School Supply Drive to “stuff the bus” at Clementon Park and Splash World in New Jersey. The donations benefited our annual Stuff the Bus campaign, which distributes backpacks and supplies each summer to agencies who serve children in need in our communities. At the end of the event, families witnessed the combined outcome of their individual donations when the school bus was filled with their supplies. As an added bonus, for every five items donated, participants received a $15 admission to the park!

Whether the supplies are for the girl who gets in trouble for not taking notes when in fact she’s too embarrassed to admit she doesn’t have a notebook, or the boy who always sits in the back of the classroom because he doesn’t want the other kids to notice that he uses a plastic shopping bag as his backpack, a donation is so much more than just a donation—it’s one impactful step toward success.

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