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Enhancing Trauma Awareness in Delaware County

New research on trauma shows startling statistics and critical information about the devastating effects of both simple and complex trauma. Because of the profound effects and implications of trauma, especially in childhood, and the fact that trauma is often trans-generational, it is essential for all nonprofit professionals to be highly trauma aware and equipped to educate communities about the nature of trauma.

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in Delaware County hosts cohorts of Enhancing Trauma Awareness classes provided by the Institute for Family Professionals. The courses make it easy for nonprofit professionals to share vital trauma information, principles and practical applications with parents and caregivers to lessen or eliminate trauma in their families.

By fostering a trauma-informed community, United Way hopes to promote resilience for all people. With resilience, we can help people who have experienced trauma to develop healthy habits, coping mechanisms and contribute to our community in meaningful ways.

Learn more about our work enhancing trauma awareness throughout the region. For additional information, please contact Rich Crespo at or 484-482-1950.